08 January 2012

like I said

best new years eve
pretty much the best new years eve ever.

cream, two sugars
no waffles, no cheese grits. but coffee, black. with lots of sugar.

favorite people
and people, my favorite people.

and waitresses and strangers. counting down, kissing at midnight.

a little al green,
plus a little al green, a little james brown.

from the bottom of my purse
and the neon pink party horn from the bottom of my purse, which I always carry. because, you never know.

2012 self

waffle house, people. who knew?


  1. I loved it. Such a perfect way to ring in the new year. xoxo

  2. It's so perfect. It seems like a scene from a movie.

  3. I knew!

    I love that they all still have jukeboxes. I always play really good music, and then throw the Waffle House songs into the mix. So, so good.

  4. 'and the pink neon horn from the bottom of my purse, which I always carry'...that makes me so happy!

  5. That does look like an ideal way to celebrate the new year. I would much rather attend a low-key gathering than some big, overblown party. Happy New Year to you all.

  6. "the neon pink party horn from the bottom of my purse, which I always carry. because, you never know."
    Gosh - this is why I love you so much! Happy New Year!

  7. My wife sent me this post because I love waffle house so much. I spent a summer in Panama City Beach, FL working at a Waffle House, that at the time was the busiest in the country. I worked with some really beautiful people there... totally unexpected.

  8. i worked at waffle house for a summer...and sometimes magical, special things happened there. this post made me feel that again. happy new year.

  9. waffle house is my favorite thing about being out of New York! The coffee, the waffles, the hash browns! You are a lucky duck for embracing your waffle-y new year!

  10. who doesn't love waffle house!

    happy new year!

  11. We dont have waffle houses here in Australia and I never knew how much I was missing out on til now. I want some waffles and coffee .... Mmm!

  12. a sure sign it's going to be a fantastic year for the jenkins family!

    happy happy post andrea.

    thank you for this sweet spot of happy.

  13. Your photos show the joy. Beautiful! Happy New Year.

  14. I adore this. It seems like a delightful way to enjoy the new year.

  15. So lovely ..especially the mention of strangers embracing - that is quintessential NY, isn't it? And the just-in-case party horn..I think I need one.