16 January 2012


8. my sky.
day eight: my sky

9. daily routine.
day nine: daily routine

10. childhood.
day ten: childhood

11. where I sleep.
day eleven: where I sleep

12. close-up.
day twelve: close-up

13. in my bag.
day thirteen: in my bag

14. something I'm reading.
day fourteen: something I'm reading (or, re-reading)

(week two of january photo a day-- a little photo challenge over on instagram)


  1. where you sleep looks perfect!
    great photo-a-day!

  2. Oh yay, i'm glad you are doing this challenge too, i am playing along too and it's fun! x

    ps i really want to read that maira kalman book.

  3. My heart fluttered when I saw Peppermint! One of my favorites that I get to share with my daughters now. Your photography warms me up. Thanks for sharing so much!