23 January 2012

almost there

15. happiness.
day fifteen: happiness

16. morning.
day sixteen: morning

17. water.
day seventeen: water

18. something I bought.
day eighteen: something I bought

19. sweet.
day nineteen: sweet

20. someone I love.
day twenty: someone I love

21. reflection.
day twenty-one: reflection

week three of january photo a day, a little photo challenge over on instagram. to be clear, this is a diversion. a thing I am doing to take my mind off the month they call january. januuuuuuaaaaaaaarrrry. we are facing our first long stretch of rain here in portland and it's possible I will not make it.


  1. That minted rose balm is THE BEST!

  2. all wonderful photos. it's been nothing but grey here and it's driving me completely crazy.

  3. I'm so behind but i shall get caught up....always inspired by you lovely.

  4. I'm so wimpy when it comes to rainy grey weather I don't think I could make it in Portland - but I do love it there!! Especially since you can enjoy a beer in a movie theater. That kind of magic doesn't exist here. :)

    Only about a week left.....you can do it!


  5. hello! i followed you over here from your instagram. your work is astounding. lovely, creative, inspiring. love that i found you. xo

  6. Lovely photos. I am struggling with the 'water' one here, wasn't sure what to take for it. Although rain could be a possibility!

  7. love your shots. i agree, this challenge is a great diversion. january is yucky.