09 September 2013

saturday night

saturday night

the classics

these two


my dream car



saturday night at the drive-in, y'all. that's what we did. with popcorn and twizzlers and shiny old cars and a trunk packed with pillows and blankets and old sheets and then bill murray and ghostbusters up on the giant screen and then a million stars in the wide open night sky. we are not swimming in money (not even close) but we know how to do saturday night.

if you believe in wonderful old cultural icons like the american drive-in and you don't want to watch them die off one by one then you should maybe take a look at this. I would surely cry happy little tears of joy if you'd vote to save one. preferably this one, but you know. just so long as you vote. by midnight tonight.

viva la drive-in, I say!



  1. Oh, how I hope they are able to save it...

  2. Love it. FUN! There's a drive-in nearby us that is enjoying lots of business this summer, a revival of sorts. Viva la drive-in indeed!

  3. I drive past this one all the time in Newberg but as I didn't grow up in the States I have never been to one, maybe it is time :)

    Happy Tuesday, cheers, T. :)

  4. I grew up going to Drive-in's on Friday or Saturday nights. My parents and their friends would get together at the drive-in and bring their own Popcorn and homemade ice cream and maybe even some cake. They would put all of us kids in one car and the adults would be in the other one that was parked right next to theirs. We had an awesome time...so glad to see that Newberg's Drive-in is still operating...

  5. Oh, man! I wish I weren't too late to vote.