16 January 2009

photobooth friday

this is the one where we squeeze into the booth on a cold thursday night, right after the eating of much frenchness but right before all the red velvet birthday cake.

and this is the part where I talk about how much I miss my mom.

on deck:

a new list for a new year.

the quest for a new photobooth plus how uncle von went on to become the stuff of which legends are made.


  1. There are no photobooths in the town I live in, but my friends and I have been known to drive the thirty minute route to reach the only one for miles.

    I'm proud of this.
    Excellence, as always (:

  2. There's a photobooth in Little Finnegan's and one in Backspace. I know there are others in Portland but I always forget where half of them are. Oh yeah, there's one in the East End - I think on Grand.

  3. this needs to be updated but it has a few that still exist listed.

  4. i forgot the link:

  5. shelbyisms, you obviously have your priorities straight. :) and thank you.

    raishawn, thanks so much for the link! I'm a big fan of photobooth.net myself. I was just checking their locations the other day and noticed they needed some updating. sadly, the booth in little finnegan's has been gone for months. this was our favorite place to go with the kids because it was a little more laid back than the lobby of the ace. and there's an excellent booth at the florida room on killingsworth (though minors aren't allowed). happy to say I found a fab new pb location (thanks to a good friend) at house of vintage on hawthorne. and I've heard there are good booths at both holocene and ground kontrol. nice to live in a city where there's no shortage of old school photobooths, that's for sure. now we just need to get some new info over to the nifty folks at photobooth.net. thanks again for your suggestions!

  6. Little Finnegan's photobooth is gone? That hurts me. The one in Ground Kontrol is no more but Backspace is literally 20 steps away-just around the corner. House of Vintage and Holocene are 2 of the ones I have heard about but not ventured to.

    I've emailed them at photobooth.net a few times to try and get it updated. The one in Red Light has been gone for years but it's still there. Oh well.

  7. yeah, little finnegan's was a total blow. supposedly, they pulled it because it just wasn't making enough money. what they said was that photobooths make way more money in bars. drunk people and all. kind of makes sense. :) stinks about the one at ground kontrol. I was really looking forward to some miss pacman AND booth action. just seems like the perfect place for a photobooth. I'll have to try holocene now! I love the one at the florida room (stellar quality) but the one on hawthorne might be my new fave. it just might be our new go-to booth. because the last couple of times we've been down to the ace, the booth there was so full of money it wouldn't take anymore. and they didn't seem in a big rush to do anything about it. it's a beautiful booth but not so reliable.

    I'll email them again at photobooth.net... I'm going to officially submit for house of vintage and the florida room. thanks again for the info! always nice to find a fellow photobooth enthusiast. :)

  8. LOVE the 80's picture of you and your mom! You can feel the love that filled that little photobooth!

  9. You could pass for your mother's twin. Wow!
    Those photobooth photos are amazing. I forgot about those.
    I'm delurking to say I love your blog!

  10. I love your photobooth pics! My husband and I haven't been in a photobooth since Paris on our honeymoon and that was 2000! sad. And seriously, you have the cutes bangs and hair possible. Love it.

  11. Just saw Le Fabuleux destin d'Amelie Poulain again this afternoon on dvd: I love it so much!!
    Talking about a photobooth-love!
    Its a pitty there are no real classic (not digital) ones in Amsterdam anymore. I love the black and white's much more.
    greetings from Holland!

  12. fun stuff. your mom is adorable.

  13. i love photobooths - especially the ones with really bright flash.. absolutely love your photography and enjoy this blog. :)

  14. I can see where you got your great cheekbones. I always enjoy your blog.

  15. I did get a response from the photobooth.net guy this time so maybe now we can get Portland all updated. I also remembered that there's a booth in The Standard. A semi-quiet bar just off E. Burnside.

    I actually came here to post this in case you hadn't heard yet:

    I'm so excited I feel like I might just burst.

  16. You are all so pretty, and what is it about a photo booth?
    Just like any photo, it is a little moment in time,yet it has another appeal,maybe because it is usually a shared moment. You look just like your mom.

  17. i can see where you get your beauty from. such happiness!

  18. we REALLY need some/any photobooths here
    in albuquerque... geesh!

    btw, thanks for the link love!

  19. hello there.
    sadly, i have looked far
    and wide for a photobooth
    in sydney, australia, but to no avail. this saddens me to no end,
    however one day i vow to visit
    the (what seems) the quirky but so very excellent town that portland is, and will take
    around a thousand photostrips
    per day. Andrea, you have inspired me, and i'm saving my pennies!

  20. these photobooth shots are so much fun.
    you and your mom are simply adorable!!

  21. thanks for the kind words, friends! thank you!

    cheryl, a photobooth in paris? omg. I would die.

    and speaking of paris-- muriel, amelie is one of my all time favorite films. naturally. :)

    raishawn, between you and me, we're bound to get the portland photobooth locations completely updated. one in the standard? must try. and the polaroid news? so good I thought I might cry.

    morgan tyla, if you make it portland, you must look me up! I'll take you to all the best photobooths in town!