20 January 2016

color//colour forever

red, yellow, pink, green, orange, blue, all the old favorites, all my old pals.

big fat go go go for color//colour lovers, year three, round four! I don't know where the time goes. but here we are.

six weeks of color-hunting with my pal xanthe, already in the fullest of swishes. reds this week, chickadees. reds. my eyes are peeled open for the reds. should you want to play along and peel your eyes too:

week one//january 18: RED

week two//january 25: YELLOW

week three//february 1: PINK

week four//february 8: GREEN

week five//february 15: ORANGE

week six//february 22: BLUE

follow along, play along, we will gladly drink up all your color. for your weekly fix, I'll be both here and there. xanthe too. as for your daily fix well. I'll pretty much be you know where.

1 comment:

  1. You are remarkably talented in seeing beauty in the commonplace.