16 October 2019


the sightseer

things I miss, part seven:

answering machines
a fireplace that works
trick-or-treating with the kids
picking out videos to rent on a friday night
wood floors in the house
west coast train trips
this particular version of myself

15 October 2019



the last three cameras I shot with:

fuji X100
iphone 6s
polaroid SX-70

14 October 2019


three places I'd like to walk today:

muir woods
my old neighborhood
this spiral treetop walkway in denmark

13 October 2019



things that cost practically nothing but bring me great joy:

marigolds in tomato cans
canvas dropcloths over tired couches
cut tree branches in glass jelly jars
dollar tree pillar candles in white
paintings on the backs of brown paper grocery sacks
complete and total furniture rearrangement
sprigs of mint leaves in recycled old soda bottles

12 October 2019



small pleasures, part twelve:

the swish of a basketball
fifth floor parking deck skateboarding
sunlight through trees on neighborhood walks
waking up before the alarm clock goes off, realizing there's more time to sleep
hidden gems on home movie reels
polaroids developing
pancake stacks 

additional contributors to this edition of small pleasures: ezra (first one), ava (second and fourth one) and ward (third one)

11 October 2019


favorite classes taken, part one:

creative writing
dance anthropology
muscular skeletal function and human performance

10 October 2019


things I can't believe we did as kids in the eighties:

laid out in the sun slathered in baby oil
laid out in the sun on shiny aluminum foil mats 
baked things and ate things with margarine

09 October 2019


things I can't believe we did as kids in the seventies:

considered canned vienna sausages a special treat
consumed large amounts of bright orange and red kool-aid
played, seat-belt free, in the wide open back space of station wagons while flying down the highway

08 October 2019


seven photographs recently loved:

one (nuevo laredo, mexico, 1996)
two (let's show the world we love each other)
three (another for the summer legs)
four (find me here)
five (delhi, india)
six (sunset conversations)
seven (nice, france)

07 October 2019


things decided just now:

sometimes sleep is the answer
sometimes a little bit of ginger ale right before bed is the answer
sometimes a short list is better than no list at all

06 October 2019


things I have trouble turning down:

birthday cake
mexican coca cola
hand-me-down cameras
free samples
fortune cookies
bubble gum

05 October 2019


things for doing this saturday night:

stand outside 
marvel at temps miraculously below ninety degrees
play david bowie records
bake chocolate chip cookies
watch old home movies
open windows
read books

04 October 2019



things for doing this friday night:

read lists
practice french
watch leaves fall
work on zines
make popcorn
drink ginger ale
watch scary movies
pass out on couch

and lo, it shall be a wild, wild night.

03 October 2019


words I had to look up in the dictionary in september:


02 October 2019


books I read in september:

my year of rest and relaxation (otessa moshfegh)
the street photographer's manual (david gibson)

01 October 2019


on this first day of october:

leaves, crunched
banana bread, made
apple cider, mulled

it's been ninety degrees here in atlanta for eleven hundred years but we are still eating and drinking all the warm things.