19 October 2019


things from this list I might actually be able to swing before I turn 49 in two months:

fly down seventy slides (number 9)
label the backs of the polaroids (number 10)
label the backs of the photobooth strips (number 11)
bake a lemon meringue pie (number 21)
write about the charm bracelets (number 29)
visit the korean sauna (number 41)
embroider favorite bridges (number 57)
finish the book of polaroid portraits (number 64)
make a little paper zine (number 65)


  1. Love all of these, but for some reason I'm most interested in the charm bracelets and the zine making. Of course I can never say no to lemon meringue. Happy Almost Birthday!

    1. been playing around for zines for aaages! here's hoping I can cross at least one of these off the list! xx