16 January 2019


blue room

books I'd like to read/re-read in twenty nineteen (in no particular order):

feel free (zadie smith)
electric arches (eve l. ewing)
the complete persepolis (marjane satrapi)
the heart is a lonely hunter (carson mccullers)
how art can make you happy (bridget watson payne)
on composition and improvisation (larry fink)
tar baby (toni morrison)
bird by bird (anne lamott)
it chooses you (miranda july)
pride and prejudice (jane austen)
the making of great photographs (eamonn mccabe)
just mercy (bryan stephenson)
the poisonwood bible (barbara kingsolver)
slaughterhouse five (kurt vonnegut)
salvage the bones (jesmyn ward)
literacy and justice through photography (wendy ewald)
12 years a slave (solomon northrup)
the suffering of light (alex webb)
if beale street could talk (james baldwin)
pachinko (min jin lee)
the accidental (ali smith)
the great gatsby (f. scott fitzgerald)
the nature of photographs (stephen shore)
new and selected poems (mary oliver)
one hundred years of solitude (gabriel garcia marquez)
rabbit: the autobiography of ms. pat (patricia williams)
the interestings (meg wolitzer)
sights in the city: new york street photographs (jamel shabazz)
my year of rest and relaxation (ottessa moshfegh)
text me when you get home (kayleen schaefer)
vivian maier: the color work  (colin westerbeck)
photographers on photography (henry carroll)
I was told there'd be cake (sloane crosley)
the south in color (william ferris)
east of eden (john steinbeck)
becoming (michelle obama)
portraits (william eggleston)
zoli (colum mccann)

15 January 2019


things overheard over the course of two hours at a mcdonalds on a tuesday afternoon:

"listen I don't mess with no white bread"
"grandpa, the sun makes the sauce look shiny"
"does that beeping ever stop"
"lemme tell you how to keep that thing from catching fire"
"nuggets nuggets nuggets I love nuggets"

14 January 2019


things donald trump has forever ruined for me:

the color orange
the word 'tremendous'
red baseball hats
america, probably

13 January 2019


three songs currently on repeat for me:

agape (nicholas britell)
blue in green (miles davis)
two of us on the run (lucius)

12 January 2019


things I wish I'd find outside on the ground right now:

maybe a little bit of money
definitely money
but also, snow
I'll take snow, I don't even care about the money now
just, snow

11 January 2019


things we are doing tonight on this glorious friday night:

playing charades, horribly
playing charades, hilariously
watching old snapchat videos of me as a bee
making teeny tiny hot fudge sundaes that fit inside a spoon
figuring out how we can all sleep down here in the living room 
wondering what we should binge watch
wondering where all the leftover christmas candy is

10 January 2019


things I cannot bring myself to do, part one:

take the christmas tree down
make an appointment to see the dentist
delete my mom's number from my phone

09 January 2019


things I want to remember about today:

the sun like honey in our bedroom this morning
the way it felt to sit and talk and laugh and drink coffee with my friend
the color of the beets in my bowl at lunch
blood oranges in my grocery cart (thus, a little surge of joy)
paper whites in my grocery cart (thus, a little surge of hope)
ezra in the car after school, giddy, talking about a poem he wrote
ava in the kitchen with me tonight, cooking onions and garlic and tomatoes in olive oil
ezra just now, standing in the doorway of my bedroom, still talking about his poem, still