21 March 2019


things that are always, always in my purse, part one:

lip gloss
reading glasses

20 March 2019



things for doing this spring:

open windows
hoard orange jelly beans
read books under exploding trees 
walk down streets in unknown neighborhoods
color easter eggs til fingers are sufficiently stained
defend marshmallow peeps
defend defend defend
buy records
pick strawberries
steam asparagus
shoot polaroids
share polaroids
pack up car
get out of town
plant things
plant things

19 March 2019



things that delighted me today:

episodes of shrill
a seat by the window
the very idea of a poppy apocalypse

18 March 2019


the sun came up this morning and I got out of bed and I tried again. and, I made it. I made it to the end of another day. tonight:

still a little tired
not nearly as scared
still hopeful
still hopeful
still hopeful

17 March 2019


sometimes when I sit down at the end of the day to write this list, I just feel lost. lost. when this happens, I try very hard to write down the real things. not the things I think might make for a good list, but the real things. tonight:

I'm tired
I'm scared
I'm hopeful

tomorrow, the sun will rise and we will try again.

16 March 2019


three things I believe to be worthy investments:

a good book
a good bra
the development of any/all rolls of film

15 March 2019


six years!

photobooths visited, from earliest personal memory to present:

six flags (st. louis, mo) (1970-something)
woolworths (somewhere in illinois) (1979)
mall drug store (bloomington, il) (multiple visits,1982-1988) 
shopping mall (st. louis, mo) (1984)
k-mart (milford, oh) (multiple visits, 1988-1989)
department store (tokyo, japan) (1989)
ed debevics (chicago, il) (1990)
hickory point mall (decatur, il) (multiple visits, 1989-1991)
forest fair mall (cincinnati, oh) (1991)
pharmor drugs (atlanta, ga) (1992)
six flags (atlanta, ga) (1992)
six flags (st. louis, mo) (1997)
soho gift shop (new york, ny) (multiple visits,1996-1999)
diner (houston, tx) (2001)
star bar (atlanta, ga) (multiple visits, 2003-2006)
city museum (st. louis, mo) (multiple visits, 2003-2007)
company christmas party (atlanta, ga) (2005)
outdoor mall (myrtle beach, sc) (2006)
unknown bar (new york, ny) (2006)
midtown shopping center (new york, ny) (2006) 
mall of georgia (suwanee, ga) (2006)
ace hotel (portland, or) (multiple, I mean muuuuultiple visits, 2007-2014)
little finnegan's (portland, or) (multiple visits, 2007-2012)
rose festival city fair (portland, or) (multiple visits, 2008-2011)
the florida room (portland, or) (multiple visits, 2008-2012)
musee mecanique (san francisco, ca) (2008)
haight street vintage shop (san francisco, ca) (2008)
house of vintage (portland, or) (multiple visits, 2009-2013)
voodoo doughnuts (portland, or) (multiple visits, 2010-2012)
archie mcphee's (seattle, wa) (multiple visits, 2011-2014)
ace hotel (palm springs, ca) (multiple visits, 2012-2014)
rayko photo center (san francisco, ca) (multiple visits, 2012-2015)
west egg cafe (atlanta, ga) (2011)
bon-ton (paris, france) (2013)
novelty shop (port townsend, wa) (2013)
gift shop (savannah, ga) (multiple visits, 2015-2016)
criminal records (atlanta, ga) (multiple visits, 2015-2018)
ace hotel (portland, or) (multiple visits, 2015-2018)
ace hotel (new york, ny) (2015)
the smith (new york, ny) (2016)
cargo (portland, or) (2018)
quimby's book store (chicago, il) (2018)
ace hotel (new orleans, la) (2018)

14 March 2019


three things about today:

open windows
cats in sunspots
petals on the driveway, like confetti

13 March 2019


lists I loved to make when I was a kid:

party ideas
what to pack for camp
stories to write
clothes and records to buy
ways to be thinner and prettier

(yes I know-- the last one is sad)

12 March 2019


things I miss, part one:

dance class
a toddler in the crook of my hip
my twenty-something eyebrows
phone conversations with my mom
a president who reads
the oregon coast
health insurance

11 March 2019


a few people I met tonight at my very first silent book club:

lauren, who was reading the joy luck club
erin, who was reading the power
nicholas, who was reading hope never dies
cherie, who was reading her veterans health benefits handbook

p.s. I love silent book club. I love it. I love it.

10 March 2019



ways I will celebrate making one hundred lists for one hundred days:

leave confetti in odd places around the house
find (and consume) all hidden candies and chocolates
give myself an imaginary award that can also be worn like a cape 
deliver my acceptance speech in the shower
plan an imaginary train trip across the country
purchase a pretzel at sonic
make more lists

09 March 2019



things that are free, part one:

flowers that grow wild along the highway
those tiny cups of coffee at trader joe's
the swings at the park
bike rides

08 March 2019


photobooth friday!

photographers who have greatly influenced me, photographers I find wildly inspiring:

dorothea lange
mary ellen mark
helen levitt
wendy ewald
carrie mae weems
diane arbus
graciela iturbide
sheila pree bright
vivian maier
elsa dorfman
uta barth
zoe strauss

(happy international women's day, my friends)

07 March 2019


feverishly working on: