16 March 2016

color//colour orange

in the name of the color orange, I:

ate a lot of oranges. no really, I did.
asked ezra if he'd make me an orange paper crane. (he did).
picked the orange crayon when given the choice, which was exactly once.
positioned myself perfectly over the orange paint on the sidewalk.
wished for a bundle of orange ranunculus. you guys, I can't ever find orange ranunculus anymore.
dreamt of sunsets over oceans captured with iphones whilst driving over bridges.
drank one bottle of orange fanta soda, wished for more.
because I have a problem with the fruity sodas.

fyi, this year's color//colour project has long since ended but I'm determined to finish.

1 comment:

  1. Hi A. :)

    Your work is sooooooo inspiring :)

    You find magic everywhere :)

    My Son is a BIG Orange fan, as a 12 yr old he had his room painted Orange walls & ceiling and as an adult he still loves it :)

    The power of colour :)

    Happy Week, cheers, T. :)