10 July 2011

someone turned seven


we are still recovering

well, seven about a month ago. we are actually still recovering from the big party so I consider this posting a personal triumph.


  1. Haha wow this looks like so much fun!7th birthdays are probably my favorite because you're just old enough to have an obviously set personality but still young enough to be a kid and REALLY enjoy a birthday like you do at no other age.

  2. Happy birthday to your son! Seven is such an awesome age. i have two seven year old nephews. love that cake and all those crazy boys.

  3. Oh man, that kid in the bottom picture is amazing! So hilarious! This looks like the most fun :D

  4. wow!--look at the glorious insanity! epic!

  5. Ok so that is plain adorable. I just had to comment when you said "so I consider this posting a personal triumph." I so get how you feel. xoxo

    PS. Love the video below, love it!
    Do you know about Amy Krouse Rosenthal? http://www.whoisamy.com/
    she has the beckoning of lovely and I am sure you would love love love her too.

    Have a great day friend. Your blog is such a bright spot in my day.

  6. With that motley crew of boys, I can totally understand why you're still recuperating! ;)

  7. oh happy birthday... even if a bit later than the usual!!! the party looked amazing and he looks so happy!!!! :) have a delightful week! twiggs

  8. well a happy belated to your son! looks like all the kids had a blast.

  9. Oh my goodness! Gosh he's growing quickly!
    That party looks like it was a blast!!! Then again - you and always know how to throw down when it comes to parties!

  10. seven?

    he is still the cutest munchkin ever. and seven? he makes it look so fun!