07 September 2009

sometimes the truth hurts

dear summer,

I said some pretty nice things about fall over at this joy+ride recently. but only because I really like sheri and shari and they asked so nicely. you are still my favorite season. the best season ever (in my opinion) and I will love you forever.

though I will admit to having feelings for fall. it's not anything serious but I thought you should know.

p.s. I am really really going to miss you.


  1. love this :) and so true! i've been following your blog for a while and i just have to let you know that i really, really love it - hope you had a lovely labor day!

  2. phew! you had me worried there for a minute.

  3. i really don't have a favourite season ... the season we are currently in is always my favourite & then the next & so on. It changes as the months go by. Although i'm not going to lie ... that part with it's gloomy rainy & you kinda forget what the sun looks like ... not a fan of!

    very cute blog ... thanks for sharing!

  4. You are so cute. Remarks like this make me want to be your best friend!

  5. I think that Summer likes also Fall a little as a big brother ... without really saying it to him and by heckling it sometimes but always with a real tenderness… The proof : The Indian summer who takes the hand of the autumn so that the two spend a good time together in hot and luminous colors.

  6. Me too, me too! I love summer and am always sad when the weather starts getting colder in the mornings and at night...I know then, that fall is on its way. Hope you are having a good week. Thanks for all your sweet comments on my e-mail..they really brighten my day!

  7. the nice thing about living in oregon is that fall & summer are bff for the month of september...they just trade off...
    'oh, you go ahead & take the 12th, summer, & i will do the 14th through 18th'
    'thanks, fall, i totally appreciate that, i have a cousin i need to visit in arizona then anyway...how about if we surprise them a bit the last week? you take & day, then me. then you, then me'
    'ha ha ha! they won't know whether to get out their flip flops or their umbrellas!'
    (not that oregonians have any problem with using both at the same time...)


  8. my sentiments exactly...... :)

  9. I am looking forward to fall! :) love your roids always!

  10. oh my goodness. hee.
    i thought i was being clever...but you beat me to it.
    i am a dork.

  11. I love this!!!
    Here in Argentina is the beginning of summer!!! toooo hot!!!