28 September 2009

oh hello

I'm like, 13 years old all over again. coming home from camp with a hundred run-on sentences about everyone I saw, everyone I fell in love with, every little thing I did. and then, on the way home from teaching at squam, I spent two days in new york city with my brothers. words and pictures are just beneath the surface. just waiting for my head to stop with all the spinning.

in unrelated news, I'll totally be playing along with poppytalk's week of autumn color. because a week of color? yes please.

to sum up, this space should be a mess of activity over the next several days. it's feast or famine with me, people. feast or famine.


  1. you were such a fab-u-lous teacher andrea!

  2. my napkin is tucked in to my collar awaiting the feast!

  3. i love your guts.

    and thanks for the heads up on color week, missy*, i'm in!

    (*missy as in i miss you :)

  4. i just got back from 5 days in new york after my delicious time at squam and don't even know how to begin to talk about it all ;-)

    but i know that meeting you and being in your class were so amazing - thank you for the gift of inspiration and care ... xoxox

  5. Andrea..I hope to see you again at Squam--it was an absolute delight meeting you! and PS I want, no wait need, to take your 'thru the viewfinder class'!