17 February 2012

dance dance dance

for your friday-- a little excerpt from last night's screening of girl walk//all day at the ace. not sure what I loved more-- the way all that sweet movement bounced off the architecture and everyday action of the city or the wide-eyed way ava took the whole thing in. my dancer self wanted to cry. bonafide dance party, y'all. good times one thousand, anyway you slice it.

p.s. I think ava sort of fell in love with the creep. I think maybe I did too.


  1. this is awesome, watched it with my son Bram who loves to dance and then we clicked on the creep link, more awesomeness, totally has made my friday, cheers, lady! my husband geoff used to review modern dance for toronto.com and we always had tickets to all the performances, i miss it, we need to do that again!

  2. this made my day. i saw the premiere of girl walk in new york and it makes me *so* happy that everyone else is loving it as much as i did.

  3. oh girl...THANK you! this delighted me!!! still smiling. so good. ahhhhhhhh.....

    now to forward on the goodness.


  4. this is so awesome, you have no idea how happy this makes me. man, i miss dancing! thanks for sharing and what a sweet way to spend an evening with ava.

  5. thank you for sharing. this is so very cool - i can't wait to click over and read/watch more!

  6. My craft club watched each episode as they were released and then had a whole viewing party at the end. Awesome.

    You should go to a Girl Talk show at least once in your life....

  7. My boys and I watched at least 4 chapters because they get saying 'more dancing'....so cool.

    happy weekend!

  8. so so so glad you all enjoyed it!

    sheila-- modern dance reviewer? dream job!

    mallorygallery-- that is such a cool thing to do with your craft club. super cool.

  9. loved this. love love love the soundtrack.