03 February 2012

the end

22. my shoes.
day twenty-two: my shoes (and socks)

23. something old
day twenty-three: something old (candies from our 1999 trip to italy, stored in the freezer because I cannot, will not throw them away)

24. guilty pleasure
day twenty-four: guilty pleasure (fizzy fruity sugary drinks)

25. something I made
day twenty-five: something I made (with my most favorite scraps of paper)

26. color
day twenty-six: color (and a little more of that downtown mural project I love)

27. lunch
day twenty-seven: lunch (dollar taco and a bottle of strawberry jarritos from the downtown food carts because the sun was out)

28. light
day twenty-eight: light (dining room, late afternoon)

29. inside my fridge
day twenty-nine: in my fridge (I cannot keep up with the amount of clementines this family is consuming)

30. nature
day thirty: nature (on the way to school in the morning)

31. me, again
day thirty-one: me, again (in the bathroom with the little chalk fishies and the paint-by-number palm trees and the good light and the crazy bun)

this hereby concludes january photo a day (a little instagram photo challenge). week four (plus a few days) and a right good diversion from the january blahs, if you ask me.


  1. I love your fun colors (and your chalk fish).

  2. okay. I am going to italy in march/april. and if there is one person I want travel advice from it is most definitely YOU! if you have time to send me some of your highlights I would love love LOVE that! we are traveling all over but will be stations in florence for the biggest chunk of time. miss you :)

  3. Your photos are amazing! Even the simplest things are awe inspiring.

  4. all around fantabulousness!!!! :)

  5. look at your bun!!!!
    thank you for this month-o-snaps!
    hope to see you again soon one day,
    hugs, eliz

  6. We may have been walking the same streets during this present stretch of sunshine. hasn't it been wonderful?