03 November 2006

photobooth friday

those crimson lips. stunning, no? though great aunt augusta (whom my mother was named after) was mainly known for her wide smile, gorgeous teeth, her deep raspy laugh. at least, that's what I remember most about her. and I always had the feeling that her kindness was a rare, genuine sort of kindness. something about her breaks my heart a little, though-- cannot exactly put my finger on the what or the why of it. she looks around fourteen here, maybe fifteen and do you see it? the melancholy? I wish something had been written on the back of this photo, I wish I knew more about her, I wish her story was a little clearer. I wish I wish I wish.

a bit of a mystery to me, that aunt augusta.

others waving the photobooth friday flag this week:

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(and because it's leSophie's BIRTHDAY today, I chose one my favorites of her: it's here and happy birthday to you, lovely miss leSophie)


  1. I'm up!
    Sorry for the delay and thanks for the extra love mama.
    I'll write more (and respond to your last lovely email) after the festivities!

  2. She is so beautiful......

  3. wow. mysterious doesn't even cover it....

    GORGEOUS andrea.
    i need to get back on the PBF thing!

  4. i love this photo. she is just so soulful and gorgeous.

  5. She was a beautiful lady....hey, when are you going to NYC?