02 November 2006

thursday love

the things that save me when I am having to spend dreadful amounts of time in my car: music (duh), random conversations with ava and ezra, npr popculture podcasts and public art.

I love public art. I love it when it catches me completely off guard, when it makes me want to drive around the block again or get out of the car-- just to take a second look. I love it even when I don't like it, even when it's bad because it's something different to look at, something to think about. for a quick moment, I am completely unaware of the sea of stale goldfish crackers beneath my feet, the odd smell of the car's upholstery. I am not thinking about the joker behind me who will not stop honking his horn or the crap on the radio. in that moment, I am not late for anything. there's no whining coming at me from the back, no mysterious stickiness in my cupholder, no traffic, no fingers urgently tapping the steering wheel. me and public art, we are so good together.

(more on the above exhibit here and here... and more TILT here and here)


  1. perfect description... you make public artists proud!

  2. this post makes me long to live in the city again, just when i was alright with living in the burbs. i'm dying to visit your neck of the woods ~ so many kick-ass things to see and do!

  3. i've done that, driven around the block for a second look! public art makes my heart skip a beat. super post here :)

  4. That piece is so hot I can't take it. I wish it was on the side of my apartment building.