04 November 2006

we're all coming down

yes, we're all coming down off that lovely post-halloween sugar high. and it hasn't been pretty. the candy is nearly gone and we finally got ezra to shed his mr. bones persona and take off the costume. which is funny since we could barely get him to put it on in the first place-- you'd have thought we were trying to squeeze him into a suit made of steel spikes. and forget about our plans for an elaborate (yet appropriately cute) skeleton face. one look at that swipe of white paint on his cheek and we found ourselves in the throes of a meltdown that threatened to ruin halloween for the entire metropolitan statistical area of atlanta. ava, on the other hand, was dressed and ready to go three hours early.

fortunately, we were able to divert the meltdown catastrophe (yup, we used candy) and pull it all together. mr. bones was a hit on the streets. and I highly recommend trick-or-treating with a gaggle of folks (thanks katie and joel for making the trip). I would also strongly recommend seeking out neighborhoods where the people get nutty about the whole halloween affair. and by that, I mean fog machines, pumpkin sculptures and FULL-SIZED CANDY BARS. they might as well been giving away bundles of cash. but then, they had a wurlitzer jukebox, a harley davidson and a neon coca cola sign on display in their small front room. so, you know. they must be all about the show. well, they win. because every kid will always remember the house that gave out full-sized candy bars and had a motorcycle in their living room. and I thought I was the shizz for giving out chocolate eyeballs. silly, silly me.

if only I'd had time to pull together my halloween costume. I was inspired by friends who threw a party where you had to come dressed as what you wanted to be when you grew up. I've spent the last two weeks thinking of how I could construct a costume that would allow me to be one part breakdancer, one part prima ballerina and one part solid gold dancer. I figured one leg could be devoted to the b-girl, the other leg, prima ballerina. naturally, my top half would have to be all about the SOLID GOLD DANCER. oh, the possibilities. my head cannot take it. of course, I also wanted to grow up to be a broadway dancer and a famous painter but a girl can only do so much. I only have so many limbs. but this halloween I was just lucky enough to remember to put my shoes on before we left the house. and it has to be said: the prize for 'halloween costume I wish I'd thought of' goes to the husband of the divine miss madness. people, the BK dude makes me laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh. he just does.

my other regret is that we've only just now located our vhs copy of 'it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown'. at least I know what we'll be doing tonight. the last of the candy is sure to disappear by midnight. then (and only then) will it officially be november to me.

(the adventures of cowgirl and mr. bones, aka halloween 2006 can be viewed here)


  1. We had Kim Possible here, complete with long red wig.
    We've convinced our girl that the candy fairy (who takes candy and leaves a toy in its place) is a good thing and so, this mama eats to her heart content and a racing heart, all the treats that were given away.

  2. enjoy the last of the high...

    FULL candy bars? are you kidding?
    and i think you are the shiz for the eyeballs!

  3. What great times (and photos) these are!

    PickleBoy got 5.5 lbs. of candy that won't be gone anytime soon. You can come here when yours runs out :)

  4. i love tha mr bones still has that little chub around the knuckles. knucklechub is the cutest.

  5. Now, those are CUTE KIDS! And cute costumes! Oh! What great memories! Love these photos!

  6. Wow...that lil' cowgirl and skeleton look GREAT! They're overflowing with cuteness in the best way possible, you know that!? Love 'dem painted bones.

    Even though you weren't able to dress up, thanks for that sassy mental image of you goin' all SOLID GOLD/balerina/Broadway on us! How fun is that!

    I didn't dress up either this year, and I'm ashamed. I had to move into my new apt over Halloween weekend, so I was totally spent and unable to muster the strength to concoct a cool costume ensemble. It's either ALL or nothin' with me and Halloween. I'll either do nothing at all or I'll drop $300 on some crazy homemade outfit. I was especially shamed when I took in the Halloween parade in the village. All those people, doing such creative things, and I didn't do squat. Oh well, there's next year.

    One of my favorite costume sightings this year was a girl dressed as an ovum being chased down the street by 20 or 30 guys in sperm outfits! It was hilarious!

  7. I've had dreams about full candy bars.