01 November 2006

every stinking day

it's national blog posting month, my friends-- aka NaBloPoMo (think NaNoWriMo lite). and because I am a huge blog dork and am not yet ready to take on the rigors of novel-writing, I have decided to join up. meaning: I will be posting something every single day this month.

it's about writing daily, I think. with the idea of something great eventually floating to the surface. not unlike like photography where the more you shoot, the better your chances are for a sliver of something solid and good. speaking of which, photos may appear here more often than words. or not. I don't know and I'm not even sure that's allowed but I'm not really in this for the prizes. maybe if there was a little sparkly tiara involved, though I'm not really a tiara sort of girl. unless rubies and moonstones and turquoise gems are involved. okay, so maybe I'm a little bit of a tiara sort of girl, but not in the conventional way. I like to dream of tiaras made with seashells and german glass glitter. and fresh flowers. and the aforementioned jewels and gemstones, of course.

really, I just want to see if I can do this, I want to see what happens. so don't laugh if I end up flaking out, which is a very real possibility. I guess you could laugh and laugh and laugh and I'd never really know. ah, the beauty of blogging.

all the same, I'm off and running.


  1. looking forward to reading what you share! :)

  2. of course you can... and we will only be lucky if you do!
    good luck!!

  3. You do realize that you posting something each day is a treat for us right?? I love your blog as it is, but to know that you are going to be posting something everyday is like, like --- knowing a new episode of your favorite show is coming on EVERY SINGLE DAY.
    Ahhh, I look forward to it...
    No pressure or anything. :)

  4. hooray for writing everyday.
    it feels good once you get going.
    have fun with it :)

  5. I always enjoy your writing and photography, Andrea, so whether or not you hit everyday without fail, I'm sure looking forward to your regular posts this month!

    If you're at a loss any particular day: Here are weekly photo memes for every day of the week!

    Moody Monday
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    And of course, you already know about:
    Self Portrait Challenge (Tuesday)
    'Lens Day' (clever, huh?)
    Thursday Challenge
    PhotoSharks (bonus Thursday)
    Photo Friday (besides SPC, this is the only one of these in which I've actually participated.)
    Pxite (Saturday)
    See It Sunday
    Macroday (bonus Sunday) -- I know you've got some killer macro shots!


  6. Go, mama, go! Seems so daunting. I was thinking about doing this and not tell anyone . . .ha.

  7. Well I'm really glad you're doing this if only so I can read what you've got to say dear lady.

  8. AMEN to what Kristine said! What a treat for us readers :)

  9. i do think there's something to this 'writing every day thing'...however don't rip any gems out of your existing tiara should you skip. permission granted (from a soul who has tried to complete 'the artist's way' one too many times and given up when i failed to write for a day).

    however...this said...i echo ALL the others in their, 'ohwhataJOYtoreadsomethingfromyouEVerySINGleday!


  10. oh wow, thanks-- thank you, everyone. I so appreciate the encouragement.

    kristine-- I am flattered beyond words, my friend. xo

    jeremy-- you and the links... always such great links! love that you took the time to do this... thank you! :)

  11. I just posted my first status update for NaNoWriMo, so go check it out. So too bad, considering the CRAZY week I've had.

    And really, I've discovered it is not as difficult as I first thought it would be. Once I stamp down the desire to reread and rewrite everything I've already written, I am (so far) moving forward at a steady clip. We'll see how long we BOTH last :)