30 November 2006

every stinking day (almost)

goodbye NaBloPoMo, you weren't so bad. and I didn't flake out, not really. I only missed a couple of days towards the end. the habit of writing everyday (blogging, whatever) is a habit I can really get behind. much more dignified than this thing I've got going on with my tights. not that I'm going to continue on with this blogging everyday gig. well, maybe I will. although it's more likely that I'll find some nice comfortable place near the middle.

most importantly-- if you've left a comment in the past couple of months, thank you. thank you for the kind, kind words about my writing, my photographs. I savor them all and you (and you know who you are) deserve to know that. I'm a little off with my responding these days and can't let another moment pass without saying so.


  1. I've loved reading here this month, so glad you participated because I've been able to catch up on your life.
    I'm going to find some of those spanks (heard about them for the 2nd time yesterday after first seeing them written about here). I've got a tight dress to wear on the town tonight and I've heard these tights do wonders.

  2. i've enjoyed every word and photo, happy weekend :)

  3. anytime you want to write daily we will be here!! [or in my case a few days late!]