07 November 2006

self portrait #36

find your glam in ten easy steps:

1. drive to favorite shoe store
2. find spectacularly glamorous pair of shoes (something like this, perhaps-- or this)
3. purchase with nary a thought to price
4. drive back home
5. take shoes out of box and slowly slip onto feet
6. lay around in shoes, look at them adoringly, ponder the meaning of life
7. photograph self in said glam shoes
8. wrap shoes lovingly in tissue, place carefully back in box
9. drive back to store, promptly return shoes
10. grieve loss but stop at nearest drug store on the way home to buy fake eyelashes

obviously, I did not take my own advice. but I'm planning on it. I've been dreaming of this shoe project ever since I started blogging, for reals, and this month's glam theme over at self portrait challenge was just the little push I was looking for. but today I needed to mash some potatoes (no lie) and had to go with an old cliche: glossy lips and vintage feather boa. nothing says old skool glamour like a black feather boa.

(more of the glam over at self portrait challenge)


  1. Oh, oh, I wanna do it too!!!

    You look most glamorous in this shot in the meantime, though ;)

  2. Oh man, those shoes you linked to are killer! YUM!! I like your boa portrait too.

  3. This couldn't have been more perfect... I can't wait to see these steps in action!

    I so want a pair of fake eyelashes... last time I had some they were accidentially melted by the blow dryer- not a pretty sight. ")

  4. I love your photo and I adore your anecdote to finding glam. How could you NOT be glamourous in those shoes (especially #2) and I can't wait to see the photos of the results!!

  5. wow! those are some shoes :) what a great project - take it and run!!

  6. hello sweet lips.... you need no excuse to buy those glam shoes, but.... if it helps :)

    can't wait to see what you do!!

  7. Ooohhh... I may have to try this shoe project of yours.... I would certainly have to be lounging around just looking at them since I can barely walk in anything that is not flip flops....



    Love the boa... i needed one for mine this week...

  8. You're so {GLAM} and you don't even know it.

  9. holy canoli! those shoes on anthropologie....honestly andrea, i dont have alot of shoes but i secretly wish i did. its only because i have big feet & its so hard to find shoes that fit so i have become a jealous hater of them :P ....but seeing shoes like that, ones that come out of dreams they are! thanks for sharing that, love the glam shot too btw;)

  10. I love your shoe idea, must try it! :)