09 November 2006

the one where I hijack 'ava thursday'

well, I've gone and done it. I've been thinking of how to make my move for a good amount of time now. I have to admit that when ward first started his blog, I didn't really get it. when he started up the whole 'ava thursday' thing, my first thought was how I would SO be doing that if I had my own blog gig. and then I ended up jumping on the blog bandwagon. and then I was really really mad at myself for not thinking up the whole 'ava thursday' thing first. and maybe just a little bit mad at him too, because my brain has been clouded by all the baby-having and the baby-raising, with no room for good ideas like the ones that come flying out of his head left and right. 'ava thursday' has always been this very special little thing that the two of them share and what kind of a wife/mother/human would I be to do any kind of tampering with it? NOT A VERY NICE ONE. plus, I love that he loves this, that he pays special attention to the art ava makes. it brings on a sort of wobbliness in my knees.

funny thing is, he's been at me for a while now to post up my own ava thursday artwork. but I felt strange about doing it. I was all, oh no, this is your thing, I'm not going to crash your party, that's not my style blahblahblah. and he was all, don't be silly, woman-- you're thinking too hard, I don't understand you, don't be ridiculous. this part could go on and on and on. you know it could.

so I'm not really hijacking anything, not really, I'm just doing it already because I'm too much in my head about it. I'm a little too much in my head about everything and I think maybe I could use a break from that. and that girl of mine, she is all the time giving me drawings and paintings that are begging to be shared. like this one with all the fantastic hair styles. ava quietly handed this to me a couple of weeks ago, right before I went to get my hair all chopped off. she told me that I could cut out each style and place them on the head of the bald-headed (save for the bangs) girl, just to see what I liked. I love her for this. because of the way she was thinking, because she seems to know that a girl needs choices, because wouldn't it just be the cat's meow to put on your hair style du jour like a kicky little hat? (yes, I know they're called WIGS but they don't make them like this). plus, those asymmetrical swirly curls are just so 21st century. in ava's world, I wouldn't have to pay a crazy amount of cash three times a year for The Big Haircut. I wouldn't have to bring seventeen pictures to show the stylist what I want. I wouldn't have to sit there all sheepish and pumped up high in that chair, using crazy words I picked up in a british hair magazine at the book store the night before. especially when what I really want to say is, don't make me look like a mom, okay? can you do that? don't give me a mom cut. and I wouldn't have to throw my jacket over my lap so as to avoid looking at my stumpy self in that horrible full length mirror. hair salon owners everywhere, I am begging you: please promptly remove all full length mirrors. no woman I know wants to look at herself sitting like that, it's terribly, unforgivably unflattering. it makes me want to jump out of the chair and run into traffic, it really does. in fact, I have been known to put off getting my hair cut just so I won't have to face looking at myself in that stinking full length mirror.

ava, I love the way your brain works. and I live for the day when the hairstyles are spectacularly flippy and fancy and transportable like this. although I have to say, I would miss getting my hair shampooed. I would miss that occasional slice of heaven known as the scalp massage. still. I'd choose to reside in your world anyday, child.

(more ava thursday here and don't you know I've got more in the hopper)


  1. these are amazing hair styles with like crowns and hearts in them :) kids can be so original at times!

  2. may i just say how proud and happy i am to have an ava original in my home??

    your family is so cool!

  3. I LOVE it! Wouldn't it be fantastic to have that magic with hair? I think the full length mirror is because most of the people that cut my hair are men and they don't understand that there's body image things that happen in a mirror.

  4. this was the sweetest stinkin' thing, and rocked my day. thanks!

  5. Fantastic drawing.
    And yea, there's plenty of Ava Thursday to go around for both of her loving, doting parents.

  6. oh wow...this is such a touching post. when i first began to blog i joined the mamasaysom group and used their weekly prompts every saturday to focus on my b-dog. lately i've been so wrapped up in my own emotional shit/growth that those saturdays have fallen by the wayside...plus there is this part of me that is afraid of being labled a 'mommyblogger.' i'm so much more than that...but i miss my special posts for b....i think it's time to pick it back up...

  7. OH my WORD. You just read my mind about the mirror....and I didn't even know I had that thought in my head. BUT I DO. The mirror.....it's horrifying like no other mirror but the one in the swimsuit dressing room. Who makes these mirrors? How can we stop them?

    And Ava Girl....my hero.

  8. this.

    and i wish i had that hair, too.


    have a great weekend andrea and ava!!!

  9. I'll take the little heart tiara-like style please....heavy on the glitter.

    I'm with ya on the mirror but not on the scalp massage. I always seem to get the chick with the long scratchy sharp nails....yeow! I need a haircut in a big way...is Ava free monday at noon?


  10. I love that you're sharing Ava Thursday now! I had my haircut today and with all the angst I have beforehand each time I go, I could have done with Ava's help!

  11. The drawing is fantastic!

    And if u ever feel like spending more on a haircut, catch a plane to Israel - you'll be very happy in our hair salons (no full length mirrors in hair salons here).

  12. I like how Ava has posed the girl: shrugging her shoulders a little and swinging one leg back. looks very care-free.

    and, I hate watching myself when I'm in "the chair".