08 November 2006

the magic number

at six in the morning, when the house was still dark and the circles beneath my eyes were saying everything I couldn't, when I was hunched over and yanking peed-on sheets from a bed for the 17th morning in a row, when I felt like the grouch in me was about to ripen, fall off and go rolling in all directions, I hear this muffled voice:





"three really IS the MAGIC NUMBER!"

sesame street. man, I owe so much to sesame street.


  1. oh how i loved sesame street... and oh how i LOVE your photo.... x three

  2. oh girl hula, you are such a wonderful writer.

  3. tee hee!!!! whenever jaden talks about the number three he brings that up too!!! LOVE the photo!

  4. your house at 6am resembles my house at 6am. sesame street rules and i love that 3's song ~ i hope it plays in my brain all day.


  5. what a great post!

    photo is phenom.

  6. isn't it amazing how often our kids can save us from ourselves in a moments time. little superheroes to the rescue! how hilarious and precious.

  7. mothers are truly superheroes...and i'm high fiving you from here. the picture is fabulous...HELLLO awesome angle!!!...and sesame street still holds a special place in my heart even after 34 years...

  8. I am diggin the looking up at the subject matter and the sky perspective thing you have going on in your photos lately.

    this made me laugh- thanks

  9. that photo rawks.
    and your writing simply wonderful...

    i love me some sesame street, too.

  10. it really IS the magic number. yes it is.

    Great shot, sweetie.

  11. awwww...it just warms the heart doesn't it....

  12. That was inspired! Gotta love the early mornin' kid wisdom....

    (Does it kill the buzz to note that the song is actually from Schoolhouse Rock...?)