03 November 2016

july's sixty seconds

I've made three little films for the sixty second photograph since I've been gone here, three I haven't yet shared. july already seems like something that happened a lifetime ago. scouring the waters for shells down in southern florida already seems like something I did in a lovely, fevered dream.

I'm a little crazy for seashells. actually, I'm a lot crazy for seashells and would happily spend all of my days stooped over shallow ocean waters, looking for those sweet little guys. they make me happy. they really, really do.


  1. Replies
    1. thank you, friend! I figure it'll come in handy during january and february. when I need to magically transport myself. ha.

  2. such a gorgeous little snapshot of light, sorely needed in these november days which are dark in more ways than one. thank you so much for sharing. <3