15 November 2016


showing up here because I said I would, though it feels disingenuous to talk about anything other than how crazy america feels right now. about how lost and broken and divided we are.

but the days are days, what else can they be? the making of school lunches, the drinking of coffee, the folding of laundry, the editing of photographs, the hustling for work, the running of errands, the texting of messages, the paying of bills, the reading of books, the watching of netflix, the making of dinner, the washing of dishes, the planning of revolutions. 

meanwhile, the edges of america continue to unravel. to be clear, I am not without hope. I'm just standing at the kitchen sink, washing the dishes. talking to God, planning my next move. 


  1. I haven't figured out what to talk about yet on my own abruptly neglected blog. Give me a photo challenge! Maybe that will work. Also bought new TCQ and also The Record Company, and two new albums is something in the right direction. xo