14 November 2016

august's sixty seconds

ava turned sixteen this summer, friends. sixteen. momentous occasions such as this call for extraordinary adventures so we hopped a train to new york for her first trip to one of my favorite cities in the world.

this here is the little film I made of it for the sixty second photograph project. full disclosure: it was not easy to remember to stop and shoot bits and pieces of footage of our time together. in fact, it really slowed us down. but, wow. I'm so glad I made myself stop, made myself stop and shoot the bits and pieces. because I know I'll treasure this little film forever. forever and ever and ever.

and I think ava will too.

(music by caribou and special thanks to my good friend jen lee for letting us crash on the floor of her sweet brooklyn flat)


  1. new york is the first love of my life & every trip there holds a new kind of magic. gorgeous sixty seconds, as always. i hope ava's birthday was so full of light. <3

  2. Andrea, you must make a playlist somewhere! I swear, your picks are always so sweetly spot-on. your arms and sleepers recc was my summer soundtrack.

    Thanks for making/sharing these!

  3. this one. this one is so darn beautiful. I want to follow and make one as well... so appreciate the magic of you!

  4. So very beautiful. This will be a treasure for you both.