19 November 2016

can we please make this a thing

a few weeks ago, I drove down to charleston, south carolina to shoot mati and faith's painting retreat. it's a lovely thing to witness, women getting together to make things, to paint. it's an honor to document such an event.

it was the making of the flower crowns that won me over, though. I never knew something so simple could make me so happy. I mean, I had a hunch. because, flowers, crowns. entirely possible, er, not surprising at all I'd lose my mind over such a thing. that big plastic bucket packed with fresh flowers, the scent of eucalyptus and mums, the snipping, the wrapping, the tendrils of skinny green wire, the making of something so pretty with my own hands.

and then-- then I put that thing on my head. and reader, that was it. flower crown convert for life.

it feels pretty freaking amazing to wear a crown made of fresh flowers on your head. and for no reason in particular other than, why not. did you know that? because I don't think I knew that. and people who think they should only be reserved for weddings and maypole celebrations can suck it. flower crowns should be for everyone and any and/or all possible occasions. furthermore, flower crown making should be a required weekly event in which we all sit down, thread a few fresh flowers together with some scrap wire while we talk ish about the week. it should be required weekend attire. flower crowns while dish-washing. flower crowns while toilet-scrubbing. flower crowns while planning the mother-loving revolution.

I'll tell you, I'd like to place a flower crown on the head of every woman who has ever inspired me. on the head of the woman with the four kids at the grocery store about to lose it. on the head of the woman pulling the double shift at mcdonalds, the woman who does not know how she'll make rent this month, the woman who drives a bus all day long, the woman who looked in the mirror this morning and thought, ugh. I want to hand them out down at the corner like a crazy person. I know I can't, that I probably won't, but I want to.

and I hope that counts for something, I really do.


  1. flower crowns are such bright things in such a dark world - as, incidentally, are you. this one left a smile on my face. xox

  2. So beautiful Andrea... moved by this!

  3. i love you and the flower crown movement!!! oxoxox

  4. You inspire me. And I continue to inspire, to be a great Mom, a wife, an amateur photo taker, a lover of life and to continue doing the best with the job I have and to what I may do later on in life. Especially now, we need this, the flower crown movement is alive and well!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. It does, it totally counts. Because now you've inspired the rest of us to go do this, too. :)

  6. What a bright spot in a dreary day, a month that has had more downs than ups. I'm going to print this out and put it over the bathroom mirror and hand it out to all the women who inspire me. When you put your words out in the world the ripples touch so many. Thank you for these images and the floral musings. The very thought of a crown on my head makes me smile. xoxo ~b