12 May 2006

photobooth friday

in honor of mother's day: me and my mama, circa 1980 (first posted here, but yes-- worth posting again). in fifth grade, I was a mess of baby fat and always pulled my super fine brown hair back with plastic goody combs. in my mind, my mother was the standard by which all beauty was to be measured. impossibly petite and chic, she wore denim wrap skirts and navy blue dr. scholl sandals with so much ease. she sold mary kay cosmetics for about three seconds in the eighties and I never tired of watching her apply wine-colored lipstick and earthy blushes.

but today I am not so much about saluting her beauty as much as I am about honoring the sacrifices. I am understanding the sacrifices now more than ever and no card or gift could ever come close to honoring her in the way that she truly deserves.

happy mothers day to all the mamas in the world.

(more folks with photobooth friday lovelies):

nessie noodle
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sewn with gold threads
woof nanny


  1. "I am understanding the sacrifices now more than ever..."
    gosh, I hear ya!
    Happy Mother's Day.

  2. And Happy Mother's Day to you.

    You are a DAMN good one.


  3. Your mother is indeed a beauty. And, if your blog is any indication, her sacrifices were all worht it. Looks like she did a pretty good job.

  4. awww honey honey, your posts are always so beautiful
    Happy Mother's day. while i dont know you beyond your words, i know that youve got two of the luckiest kids in the whole world, cause wow Andrea your a great mom.


  5. what a beautiful Mom. Her smile is so radiant. I'm loving this photobooth business!

  6. I love how you take turns making funny faces.

    a greater understanding of the pleasures and perils of motherhood is a great gift for your Mom. I am sure she would be honoured.

  7. You and your mama are just gorgeous! Happy Mother's day to you dear heart, enjoy and know that you're just as beautiful as your mom

  8. happy mothers day to you as well. Man you look just like your mum! : )

  9. What a treasure, this moment frozen in time. Those sacrifices are solid acts of love, I know that now.
    Happy Mom Day!

  10. Happy (belated) Mother's Day! You and your Mum are so cute! Such a Goodlooking family. I posted a cool pic of my Mom, too. You'd like it. It's not a photobooth pic, but it's an old clipping from the wedding anouncement page of a paper!

  11. I love these photos! I look forward to seeing your Friday treasures unearthed!

  12. Belated Happy Mothers Day!!....I thought that photo was you, you look so like your Mum..:)

  13. That top picture is PRICELESS!!! I love it love it love it! I am so blessed to have met your mother when you were all in Nashville! FUN TIMES!