24 May 2006

inspiration for days

"you just had to find a way to do it yourself. when you sit down, you got to get yourself a mind of your own, figure out a way to put it all together."
~geraldine westbrook

(postcard of a quilt by jessie t. pettway, bars and string-pieced columns, c. 1950-- from the stunning exhibit at the high museum of art-- the quilts of gee's bend)


  1. Wow...that does look like a beautiful exhibit.

  2. SO beautiful and inspiring. Talk about making beauty out of everyday things, right? I might have to hit this exhibit before it closes. We were thinking of going to the next outdoor lakewood, too. I think it's June 9-11? Hmmm.

    P.S. sorry for thinking out loud all over you comments section.

  3. that is such a beautiful piece of colourplay. love it.

  4. the gees bend quilts are coming here and i CAN'T WAIT!!!!

  5. i've always wanted to see the gee bend quilts. they were here at the whitney a few years back and i never made it. such lovely colors!!

  6. beautiful words and colors...rich and warm!

  7. have you read the short story "everyday use"?

    my former family doctor was a quilter, and the only physician who has been able to piece my story together, and i know the two have everything to do with one another.

    thank you for getting back to me so fast.