05 May 2006

photobooth friday

is coming, I promise. later today.


  1. Oh, darling girl, my heart goes out to you today.

    I wish I could just materialize in ATL with a pitcher of my fresh homemade margaritas and create something with Ava and sing to Ezra while you luxuriated in a big tub with a cocktail and some tunes and a locked door. I would pat Ward on the back and send him out with the boys. Get those kids fed and to sleep. And then, when you were good and ready to join me, we would eat salty chips with salsa and drink a little too much and laugh a little too loud and be silly girls. Maybe even toilet paper a grumpy neighbors yard at 3am.

    Maybe then everything would feel a little brighter.

    p.s. it has been a bad week for almost every girl I know. Tomorrow is a new day...hang in there.

  2. got mine up and I wanted to title it, "I love photobooth Friday and Andrea too!"

  3. and i thought i was going to be late.... just posted.... and i think les is right - something has been in the air this week!