05 May 2006

photobooth friday

(can't remember where, though I think cincinnati. can't remember when, though I think 1992)

by the skin of my teeth, here I am. I don't think I can write too much more today, I can't. I might just be all worded out. but these things have saved me:

1. picking ava up from school-- she was wearing a grocery bag like a poncho which had been decorated with hand-drawn chili peppers and sombreros. nearly impossible to resist a smile, albeit a small one.

2. getting out of the house and taking the kids to the book store where a coloring book was promptly purchased. and then next door to the drug store for a matchbox car. and then ice cream for everybody! it started to pour down rain and I decided not to care about everyone getting wet. the kids, they thought the running in the rain was magic.

3. a night time walk (alone) where eric b. and rakim blasted through my headphones. and de la soul. and mars ill. and mos def. and tribe called quest. and the roots. and jurassic five. and so on and so on. music played much louder than what is recommended and the moon was shining bright. if I could somehow bottle this combination of intangible elements and take it daily like some sort of wonder drug/multivitamin... well, duh. I would.

4. the comments and emails that have been left for me, sent to me since early yesterday. I was humbled by the outpouring and sat in the bathroom and sobbed over it. writing the words, putting them out there-- I felt so vulnerable when I hit the 'publish' button earlier today, felt as if I was screaming out to be heard. and you heard and you responded and I'm forever grateful. my head feels a little more in the right place, a little more screwed on, with just the right amount of swivel.

but about photobooth friday-- I have to be completely honest and say that I had been planning on posting this one of me and ward. then we had The Argument and I didn't feel so much like posting it. ah, what a difference twelve hours can make. sunday, may 7th is the anniversary of our first kiss. I had planned to write about that kiss, about how we first met and the drama that played out that first hot summer together. another day, another day-- because I do believe it's a story worth telling. that first kiss was the perfect mixture of both awkwardness and electricity, enough to keep the kissing going for sixteen years. holy smokes, SIXTEEN YEARS. and the kisses, they are still SO. GOOD. even when we are fighting. especially when we are fighting.

these are doing me a world of good today. more more more of the photobooth, I say:

sewn with gold threads
lisa's musings
the whole self


  1. I kept checking back all late afternoon and evening to see how you were. Home from the yummy fish tacos with a warm belly full of those margaritas to see that, yes, you are ok, in fact, you are just fine.

    Keep at it. You are very special.

    (p.s. sorry for the lack of participation this week - mine twernt so great either. Next week, my friend, next week...)

  2. hey you... you sound better.... phew. i was getting worried....

    LOVE the photo. you and ward are to be looked up to ... what a lovely relationship you have!!

  3. This is a really lovely blog!

  4. You and Ward, a breath of fresh air in that picture!

    I've always felt your honesty and way with words are wonderful and I think even more so in your earlier post. I think you shared something incredibly personal but also something that so many can relate to. I'm so glad things are starting to get a little better-

    (I love the kissing pictures so!)

  5. i am so glad you posted this!

    i agree with lisa, you two really are special together, thanks for sharing yourself with us.

  6. 12 hours makes such a difference and that's why you're still together 16 years, because you can fight and then still love to kiss. Happy weekend girlfriend!

  7. Andrea, I REALLY enjoy reading your blog. You have a wonderful full life, full of up's and downs. Keep doin' what you're doin' 'cause you are ace

  8. ward! where's waldo! ha ha! i'm just messing with ya!

  9. Ok, so i wanna know all the details of "the argument"-not only because i am nosey and always ask the nosy questions about other people's lives- but mainly because i am surely curious to know what other married folk really argue about.....i mean, we do not argue much, but when we do, it is always about something REALLY stupid for sure...and i am askin' because i wanna sympathize with you and say " I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN!!!" to make you feel better....and say something like "OH. NO WAY! HE DID NOT DO THAT!" (sigh)it is most likely all over now, and the "man bashing moment" has probably passed, so if you wanna
    email me and vent, or talk about whatever
    Oh, and ward, i can't break the girl code, ya know...nothing personal, 'K?
    love and miss ya

  10. i love that you know the anniversary of your first kiss. i remember mine and paul's first kiss...but not the actual date.

    i am glad you are feeling better.


    happy anniversary-o'-smoochin'!

  11. Honestly Andrea, you've got to be one of the most amazing people out there. You give others inspiration and you're so fantastically cool, not to mention that you wear your heart on your sleeve. I like you, Andrea.

  12. cute pic! so glad the kisses are still good...

  13. my house is cuter -- yeah, yeah, Andrea makes constant fun about those glasses now. What was I thinking?

    And heatherrabbit -- you so nosey, girl!

  14. Ahhh...young love...I love it! You are gorgeous!

  15. Oh my, I adore this photo. I think this and the baby one of you and your parents are my top faves.