27 November 2011

this is a picture I did not take

of hundreds of birds in trees just outside the hospital entrance. hundreds. and the pop and flutter of wings, staccato-like songs bouncing off evergreen branches onto concrete walls. for a second, there was nothing else. nothing but that swarm of birds and the sound of hospital doors opening and closing. for a second, everything else fell away.

(forever inspired)


  1. beautiful. so loved reading this, and the picture i see in my mind. i'm happy you were there for this. happy that it captured your mind for a bit-god is good.


  2. such beautiful words and a beautiful idea. i'm glad you were blessed with this moment. <3

  3. just beautiful...
    I love moments like that.

  4. hey. you have been on my mind a lot.
    i hope things are going ok.
    i know they aren't but you know what i mean.

  5. unbelievable. it is like painting photographs with imagination and makes me stop for a moment and realize that i should pay more attention to the small things that i don't take photographs of.

    love it!

  6. not exactly sure what is happening. but praying for you everyday. hope you are finding moments of joy and beautiful mercies throughout your day.

  7. Thinking of you. Sending love and strength...

  8. Sending you love and strength. Big time.