09 November 2011

kosovo in polaroids, part two

(I don't know how how the light around her head happened but I sure do love it)

art class
(awesome albanian teenagers)

artan's studio
(inside the studio of the fantastic albanian painter artan hajrullahu, whose work I fell head over heels in love with)

the sweetest thing
(and while we were visiting with artan in his studio, his mother brought us hot mint tea and apples she'd hand-picked from a tree in their backyard)

the first in his village
(while visiting albanian artist filloreta maliqi, she introduced us to her grandfather, a fine photographer and the first in his village to own a polaroid sx-70 back in the day)

(plastic colored clothespins, oh plastic colored clothespins)

sometimes I like to pair words and descriptions with my polaroids, sometimes I don't. scratch that, I don't. but something about the kosovo polaroids seems to call for it. more words added to part one and: parts three and four on deck.

for the record, it brings me great joy to share these polaroids from gjilan. it means the world that you even look. thank you.


  1. the light in these photos is just amazing really. i love that you added words this time. certainly set the context for the photographs. well captured lady.

  2. Okay, these are AMAZING!!! Especially the portraits of the man and woman. Such great results, what a good idea to take your Polaroid with you.

  3. hula i've come to just love your photos. i can spot them out right away. you have such a way of capturing the feelings of memories, dreams and color. love.

  4. I agree, every one of these pictures is totally wonderful. I cant stop staring at them!

  5. I can feel how special this was in your photos....I especially love the portrait of the artist's grandfather...what kind eyes.
    Can't wait for the next series!


  6. Amazing.
    I want all my pola portraits to have that head glow. i just decided.

  7. You have such a talent with the polaroid - I feel honored you choose to share these. Beautiful.

  8. Thank YOU for sharing them...they are really extraordinary!

  9. These are incredible Andrea! Wow!

  10. " it means the world that you even look. thank you. " Um Andrea...are you kidding? To be given these and not look would be nothing short of criminal. For the record, these brought me to tears. To say that they are amazing would be a terrible (!) understatement. I will say it a hundred times that a camera in your hands produces images that transcend distance and time. It seems anything you do is magic. The way you capture light and color and atmosphere and emotion. Your sensitivity and attention to details I am stunned every time. How you do so while making it look effoertless is something I can only stare at with wonder. The fact that you choose to invite us in to the journey is the best gift in the world. So thank you!

  11. thanks so much, everyone! can't tell you how much it means to me... means so much.