08 November 2011

kosovo in polaroids, part one

(biçycletë= albanian for bicycle)

down the hill
(I raised my camera at them and they smiled but when I crossed my eyes, they broke into laughter)

(songs that hang)

(ian, co-teacher and polaroid partner in crime)

(I sort of wanted to marry this garage door)

(gjilan, kosovo through the lens of a polaroid sx-70)


  1. Swoon. I love this collection. Your images work so well together.

    I am massively enjoying the frequency of your posts this month!

  2. WOW. the first photo looks like a painting!!!! and the happy, laughing children! these are all so gorgeous, hula. is this possibly the polaroid i sent you? either way, these photos do my heart good. :)

  3. These are tremendous and we're only on part one! I'm looking forward to the rest.

  4. So gorgeous... I love polaroids.

  5. These are so beautifully timeless! LOVE them!

  6. These are all so fantastic! I love how textured and real, yet also like a fantasy they feel.

  7. oh my. this is going to be one amazing series when you are finished.

  8. Man oh man. Love these to pieces. I think the one of the kids is my favorite in part one.

  9. So are you going to exhibit these in a space somewhere? In Kosovo? Let me know if I can help - I'd love people to see them

  10. I saw part 4 and went back to read/look at 1-3. All amazing! Great great images!

  11. thanks so much, everyone! thank you!

    miss jenny frecklewonder-- indeed, that is the polaroid camera you gifted me. who'd a thunk it would travel all the way across the ocean to gjilan, kosovo? who'd a thunk it? :)

    elizabeth-- these polaroids are part of a show currently running at my church here in portland, then they'll show at a gallery in vancouver. but I'd love to show them over in kosovo! would love any suggestions or help with that!

  12. not me! never woulda thunk that. how amazing! it really was meant to be yours, i'm so happy to see you work your magic with that thing!!!xoxoxo