18 November 2011

list thirty-eight: places I'd like to spend the night

list 38

I keep a running list. is what I'm saying.

oh to spend the night:

1. in this spectacular 1953 vagabond trailer, el cosmico, marfa, texas

2. in this perfect bohemian balcony room, bonito, buenos aires, argentina

3. in this unreal finnish igloo, hotel kakslauttanen, finland

4. in this crazy ridiculous pink room, madonna inn, san luis obispo, california

5. in a room with a view, washington square hotel, greenwich village, new york

6. in a luxury traincar traveling across india, with brocade wallpaper and marigold details and jingly chandeliers

7. in this amazing cave room (that must be climbed down into), kokopelli's b&b, farmington, new mexico

8. in this lovely attic room (that must be climbed up into), les toits de paris, paris, france

9. in the turquoise room (because surely there's a turquoise room), pantone hotel, brussels, belgium

10. in the room with the fantastic bedspread, peacock pavillions, marrakech, morocco

11. in a bungalow that sits over water so clear it cannot possibly be real, four seasons, bora bora

12. in a room with a sweet little record player and a sweet little fireplace, ace hotel, palm springs, california

13. in a room that is cavernous and magic, fairy chimney inn, cappadocia, turkey

14. and pretty much anywhere here, cinque terre, italy


  1. wow. just wow. can i sleep over?

  2. I am sorry to say that Cinque terre are not anymore as we remember them, because of a terrible flood, who struck Monterosso and Vernazza...

    you can see yourself how they look right now here:

  3. What a great idea. I am tempted to but won't look at any of yours otherwise my lust for a holiday will spike. I have filed it away for another time though ;)

  4. i am in love with this list. oh, my fellow sagittarius. us and the wanderlust.

  5. sounds good. i'll just tag along, if you don't mind.

  6. we rented a flat in cinque terre for insanely cheap one week a million years ago. best. week. ever.

  7. right. can i come too? my list would also include a yurt, or (more realistically) in a tipi at a nearby state park.

  8. madonna inn has been on my list for years - but i can't decide which room!

  9. Cinque Terre literally looks too good to be true...like a fairy tale town..

  10. Ohhh I've been to Cappadocia and it is MARVELOUS. Just marvelous. Fantastic memories. I'd love to take an overnight luxury train too.

  11. Stay in an apartment when you do go...and stay for 3 days minimum. You can hike to all the towns and enjoy them all a little. I had my very best meal ever in Corniglia, which is where we stayed.