11 November 2011

kosovo in polaroids, part four

saturday market
(at the saturday morning market, where you can find everything from hand-carved wooden spoons to adidas sneaks to fresh produce to old-fashioned shaving cakes)

(for the record, that yellow raincoat is killing me)

peppers peppers peppers
(it was the height of pepper season in gjilan and I'll tell you, peppers were everywhere, giant bushels of bright-colored peppers e v e r y w h e r e)

(the small neighborhood shops that sold nothing but eggs charmed me to no end)

(six whole days of sunshine and on our last day, our one free day, it rained)

old world
(in a single image, this is gjilan)

sort of a dream to walk the streets of gjilan, kosovo with my trusty little sx-70. thank you so much for looking, friends. and I thank you for the kind words.


  1. These - particularly your pepper polaroids and your pumpkin polaroids - are fabulous, and very evocative. Congratulations!

  2. Looking at this series feels like looking through a dream lens of some sort...truly wonderful.

    This is inspiring me to (first of all, acquire) and then use a SX-70 on our next travels!


  3. This series was such a treat to see. Your words telling the story made it all the more magical. Thank you so much for sharing, Andrea.

  4. All of the Polaroids you've shared have been amazing! Kosovo looks so amazing on instant film, so painterly.