29 December 2006

photobooth friday

with ava last new years' eve, at city museum

I'm all upside down lately. I'm not even sure what day it is. today feels like a wednesday to me but it's friday. it's friday, yes? I'm somersaulting in ways that may or may not be good for my health. on the homefront, there's much to report: ezra's reaction to buzz, my broken camera, hanging out with lovely meridith (and delightful nathan), my meltdown over an (almost lost) ipod, the breaking in of an easy-bake oven, new heights of exhaustion, and thankfully-- love overflowing. again, my broken camera, my broken camera, MY BROKEN CAMERA. I don't have it in me to weave the words together, friends.

most importantly, there are but three days left in this year of 2006. I would love to be where I was last year-- painting paper new years' hats with ava (see above, the paint was still wet), shooting down long steel slides (skirt flying over my head, exposing my knickers) and hopping in and out of the photobooth with my family at city museum. but I am here and it will have to do.

coincidentally, it was on that two-hour drive home from city museum on new years eve that I decided to start photobooth friday. I was looking at all the strips we had taken that day, thinking of my enormous collection at home and all the stories they held and wanted a little place to share them. thus, the birth of a weekly ritual. I had no idea anyone else would want to participate, fancy that.

(happy happy new year to every last one of you xoxo)

check it, the last photobooth friday revelers of the year:

acumamakiki (and last week, too)
nessie noodle
woof nanny
matt and jördis together
the whole self


  1. You girls are FABULOUS!!!

    Yay 2007 :)

  2. ohmigod - your camera! i feel your pain :-(

    you have such a gorgeous blog here, i love popping over and thought it was about time i said hello - happy new year petal :-) xo

  3. amazing photo but...

    broken camera?? you know this is the gods telling you you need to get the D50.... it is... no fighting it.... look for a used one! or on ebay:

    happy new year sweet andrea....xoxo

  4. too bad there are no photobooths where i live, that i know of...

  5. It was a year ago that I discovered your blog. What a blessing it has been to be a part of your year. I know the broken camera situation must be tramatic! I hope things get better... Actually, I know they will.

  6. boy, joerdis' and mine are so last week, andrea. we already have new ones up ;)

    happy new year!

  7. A highlight for me this year, was having the chance to spend time with you gorgeous woman. You are such an inspiration and it's been a pleasure to feast my eyes on your lovely photos (sorry about your broken camera, sob, sob) and delicious words. Happy New Year and I'm hoping in 2007, I get an opportunity to spend more time with you! xo

  8. Oooh girl, get that camera business taken care of. We need your bright colors.

  9. i LOOOOVE this one andrea!! happy new year!

  10. I love photobooth...
    I think you may enyoy this site.

  11. Happy New Year Hula Girl!
    I am so glad that you started PBF. wow it is a year old :)
    Oh, no! broken camera? ouch, that hurts.

    May 07 bring you peace and joy~

  12. Happy New Year to a very special girl! Loved reading this blog!

  13. happy new year! the camera? the camera?

  14. a Happy and Blessed New Year to all of you!!!!!

  15. Happy New Year Andrea!

    Thanks for starting PB Friday, so much fun. Brace yourself, I have one coming up for this friday (:

    Hope you get your camera working again.


  16. That is such a great photo! Happy new year, and keep being you. :-)