08 December 2006

photobooth friday

taken on friday, november the 17th at the booth in the basement level of the manhattan mall while I was waiting for h&m to open (lookit, jesC and kristen have both been here). then, while I was switching from the red curtain to the blue one, I discovered the background graffiti. better even than the curtains, I say. funny, because later on that night, I went to see david dorfman's revolution at bam (so much more to say about that, so much I don't even know how or where to start) and all I keep thinking about when I look at these frames is how much it reminds me of that performance. which may not seem like anything, but it is.

I'm a little embarrassed of these. maybe because of the expressions, I don't know. I do believe in peace, though. and I am quite fond of my green hat.


some photobooth treatlets for today: thanks to poppy for this link to constructing your own photobooth. if only! coincidentally, I've just joined the new flickr fauxtobooth group. absolutely marvelous idea, especially if you're without a photobooth. and here's how folks are trying to bring the photobooth into the 21st century, check it: mark van s. and the shine flickr photobooth in san francisco (thank you very much for sharing, leSophie). although I'd be in a state of perpetual bliss if someone would just please oh please figure out how to modernize the old skool photobooth without robbing it of the old skool charm. all you technology-minded peoples out there, I am begging you. the old booths are rapidly vanishing into the night and without any warning to the world. I guess I could say something here about how we can get a man on the moon but we can't figure out the old photobooths, but I won't. although I already have. feh. as always, don't forget about the folks at photobooth.net, they are so very fantastically, magically delicious (well, in the eyes of this photobooth fanatic). and I have to say it: nice to have a boy in the friday mix. say hello to matt, won't you please? he's balancing out our revolution just a bit. I think it's nice.

ahem, not so much with the writing skills today.

righteous words or not, the revolution lives on:

the whole self
nessie noodle
woof nanny


  1. Are you crazy? These shots are H.O.T. Embarassed, feh. I actually think these may be my favorite ones of you e.v.e.r.
    So there.

  2. agreed with LeS, these are H-O-T (and a HOOT, which I almost typed)
    Tons of attitude gotta love it!

  3. well, that makes three HOT!! hee.

    ps YES! please, can we keep photobooths alive? :)

  4. in the 2 weeks since you were here, that booth has gone to black, sigh....big big sigh. I love these and especially the white graffiti wall.

  5. ha! thanks for the warm welcome. happy to be part of this mix of lovely ladies. didn't know i am part of a revolution now, but what the heck. i always wanted to be part of some revolution ;)

    i'm really looking forward to us all getting into one photobooth together one day. the ultimate photoboothing flashmob ;)

    cheers, matt!

  6. superb, i love the expression :)

  7. I agree- totally love these shots.