15 December 2006

photobooth friday

taken at the primal screen christmas party last year where they'd rented a photobooth for the festivities. folks, it was a dream come true-- unlimited photobooth use for the entire evening. ward and I were in and out of that booth so much I am sure we royally annoyed all in our ruthless photobooth-crazed path. ah, but there was no booth this year. instead, there was a belly dancer, a henna tatto artist, slippery silk pillows everywhere to lounge on, silk tents to congregate under, hookah pipes to smoke and an impressive spread of middle eastern food. during the course of the evening, I had a lovely henna tattoo applied to the top of my right hand, lounged on said silk pillows and made polite small talk. I feasted on eggplant-something and hummus and smoked from the hookah pipe. I never EVER get to go to parties so you better believe I smoked from the hookah pipe. and I can't believe I didn't throw down with the belly dancer because that is so my kind of thing. I thought about the swiveling and shaking I could do with beautiful belly dancer-girl and then remembered where I was. ward has to work with these people every day of the week, could I really do that to him? no, I could not. (merry christmas, ward).

hard to beat the chocolate fountain and photobooth from last year, though. it's the stuff of christmas party legends.


woof nanny
brina head
nessie noodle


  1. A photobooth at a party? Damn that's good. So is this photo and the image of you lounging hookah style on silky pillows. xo

  2. Whoa. I so need a job that thinks to have parties like that. A friend of mine works for a music magazine. They wanted to hire for an editorial assistant position, the boss brought out an Elmo doll and had Elmo ask questions. They hired the girl that didn't even flinch--just answered questions like he was a regular member of the panel. I love that.
    One of the guys from photobooth.net commented on my pic today. I feel all honored and stuff, that he would even read my blog. I'm with him, "long live Photobooth Friday!"

  3. that party sounds like it was amazing. you two are so cute in the booth :)

  4. yeah... coolest x-mas parties evah?

    so yeah... been totally MIA from here, from flickr and from FBF - but i'm gearing up for a comeback in a LARGE way.... you know i am!

  5. So your husband works at Primal Screen? Maybe he's in a similar field to my husband (he's an animator). Just out of curiosity, it that place as nice to work for as it looks, or do they work you into the ground and just give you a cool environment to make up for it? :)

  6. Oops, I should have checked with my husband before I asked if your husband was in animation! Apparently they had already e-mailed each other a few times. So never mind. Small world!