12 December 2006

36 things to do before I turn 37


yesterday I turned 36. here are some things I'd like to do before I turn 37:

1. read three classics. done
2. break in my holga camera. done
3. take a capoeira class.
4. write a letter to someone I admire.
5. organize a color swap for kids.
6. take susan eldridge's weekly modern dance class. done
7. teach ava how to play checkers. done
8. participate in the MLK march in january.
9. spend an entire weekend with my best friend. done
10. purchase a bicycle. done
11. write down the stories of the charm bracelets.
12. develop the 58 rolls of film sitting in my closet.
13. visit howard finster's paradise gardens.
14. organize a postcard swap. done
15. construct The Wall of Photographs. done
16. make out at the drive-in. um, done
17. take the neighborhood african dance class.
18. make a collage a week.
19. learn one new recipe. done
20. make shrinky dink jewelry.
21. take a photography class. done
22. perfect my fake accent. done
23. teach for moving in the spirit again.
24. take the kids to the zoo to see the baby panda.
25. buy produce at the sweet auburn curb market.
26. get away with ward. done
27. read three new authors. done
28. teach ezra the robot dance. done
29. learn how to rewire a lamp.
30. go back to new york. done
31. projects #34, #45 and #52 from this book.
32. fly a kite with ava and ezra. done
33. be a guerilla artist. done
34. write a short story.
35. let it go.
36. take a photograph everyday for one year. done


  1. Just wanted to let you know that you have done #34 on your list in pictures...

    ...your pictures are completely luscious and tactile with their colors and perspective, and always make my mind wander to something creative with words..

  2. happy birthday - looks like this is going to be a good year.

  3. I totally suck. How do I miss your birthday EVERY year? *sigh*

    I was definitely thinking about you yesterday though. I told Frank about the Ezra story you posted yesterday, and while retelling it I was in tears because I just got so tickled. I hope you had a good birthday :)

    As for your list, I can recommend some classics and some authors you may not have read before. In fact, I can bring some books home for you to borrow. This book in particular is something I highly recommend. Probably the best written modern age (within the past 50 years) book that I have read in a LONG time. The way that man turns a phrase -- it will make you want to write, when you read something as well-written as that book.

    As for recipes, check out my post from yesterday. I'm going to be posting about my crazy week this week, too, so keep checking in. Give the munchkins a hug for me!

  4. I think I remember this, but do you realize we have the same birthday?
    Hope your day was filled with smiles....


    i especially love #16...and that last one...WOW...that is very ambitious...i hope you do it because it will inspire me!

  6. cumpleanos feliz!

  7. happiest of birthday's dear andrea! my college roommate's birthday is 12-11, a good day.

    i totally pulled out my holga because of you.
    that bike is screaming to be ridden and have big plastic flowers threaded thru the spokes of the basket!
    if you have a postcard swap, count me in and i can't wait to hear about your charm bracelets. you know i have one cooking for my girl as well. xo

  8. Happy birthday! What a jam-packed, entertaining year you have ahead of you! I can't wait to read about it here ;-)

  9. Happy birthday! I love your list. I want to be a guerilla artist too.

  10. Happy Birthday! I've been a loyal lurker for a very long time and your posts and pictures about your life never fail to amaze me. Your list is like a (birthday) gift to me - the gift of inspiration. I'm reading "The Wind in the Willows" by Kenneth Grahame - would this be a new novel for you? Maybe you could read it aloud to your Ava and Ezra. Happy Birthday. You are amazing. Vibrant.

  11. I'm down with #16. Oh, and yes, #26.

  12. you can do them all, and you will
    it must be a ear now that i have been reading your blog 'cause i remember your red velvet cake from last year?
    btw i have not sent your bag yet just low on $$ will do in the nyear for sure :)

  13. Happy birthday! Your photos are always so mesmerizing - I'm glad to see that further pursuit of the photography made its way onto the list several times in various forms.

  14. This is an absolutely brilliant thing to do for your birthday, can I steal the idea? I just turned 35 and was going to make a list of 70 things to do before I leave the planet, but this is waaaay better!

    I love Ward's comment too. No wonder you two are such a good match!

    Happy bday to one of my favorite bloggers.

  15. happy birthday!! you are truly one of my very favorite people in the world! hope the coming year brings many happy/sparkling/new/fulfilling/colorful/love-filled days!

  16. happy birthday to you! a great list you've got here, and your photos and words are inspiring.

  17. Oh my dear, I must write down your birthday so I can get something physical to you in time next year! But for now, the words.

    Andrea, I wish the very happiest of not just birth'days' but years to you. You have enriched my life in so many ways. Your words are always so poignant and spot on. Your photos glow out at me from the screen as little gems to treasure. Your humor and love and dedication to your family ring so true. You should have an even wider audience than you have already built here.

    Thank you for being my friend and helping to remind what life is all about.

    A toast to you and to you and I ending up in the same city at the same time someday soon :)!

    Happy happy happy.

  18. Hi Hula S.,

    today, I posted in my blog a drawing based in one of your photographies.
    If you don't like it or don't give me the OK, I'll take it out

    I hope not...

    have a nice day!

  19. Happy Birthday!
    I love your list! I am sure you will do many of not all of them. I am blessed to be able to come here and get a slice of your life each day. Celebrate your fabulousness!

  20. Happy belated b-day! I'm kicking myself that I didn't do #13 before leaving Georgia...

  21. Happy birthday beautiful!!

    I loved, loved, loved reading this list. You are always such an inspiration for doing things with verve and color and movment. xo, Christina

  22. Happy late birthday!

    This is going to be one good year for you (and a busy one, too).

  23. i'm a month older than you. :) anyway, happy birthday! what music do you like from the 70s?

  24. I'm going to do one of these :)
    Happy (late) Birthday from me.

  25. how fun and am also looking forward to hearing about those charm bracelet stories; and the photographs, i don't think you need lessons though...happy belated!

  26. I am late to this (birthday) party but I'm knocked out by your list! You're an inspiration as always, Andrea. I'm facing 37 in February, and I think I'll make a list too. One great thing I've got going on: My uncle is giving me his old Ricoh 35 mm for Christmas! XO.

  27. i can help you w/ 29!!

    you are so fantastic!

  28. Fab list! Must join you in the collage-a-week thing--I'm a moleskine girl, too. Matter of fact, maybe I'll make a list myself, with my birthday coming up in a week...have a happy happy one, fellow Decemberite!

  29. Fake accent! Hilarious.
    And girl, the sooner you show Ezra that the Robot can be danced to ANY GENRE OF MUSIC EVER, the better.

  30. I just found your blog I had to do the list of things to do before my next birthday on my blog too! cute Idea-- thanks for the idea

  31. Mmmm. Good list.
    I've a Forty Before 40 to do list at :-