01 July 2006

photobooth friday

(me and nancy, summer of 1997, six flags, st. louis)

we had lunch together yesterday, me and my best friend nancy (aka nance, nancila). this was one of the perks waiting for me on the other side of that uncomfortable (and I'm being kind) ten-hour road trip I made with two young children, two small dogs and two parents about a week ago. and sitting there with her, eating and talking (holy smokes with all the talking), I could not drink it all in fast enough. such a luxury and I giggle when I use the word 'luxury' because images of zaftig ruby-lipped women wrapped in mammoth-sized feather boas always come to mind. but this lunch together, this is what it was-- a luxury. to walk and talk and eat together, to be sitting across the table from her and laugh together, such a luxury.

so much I want to say about this photobooth strip but tonight, I am so tired. I want to talk about how spectacular that week was, both of us glowing and fresh from the taking on of some monumental life challenges-- nancy had just come home from three months of social work practicum in india and I'd just finished my first summer at the american dance festival. we decided to celebrate by riding roller coasters. there was also the eager consumption of succulent indian food and an infamous midnight showing of 'purple rain' at the tivoli theatre. there was us trying on all the goodies nancy brought back from india-- bindis and toe rings and heavy silver anklets that jangled with each step and a gorgeous (custom made to fit me!) red silk sari. and there was me repeatedly applying canned whipped cream to my fingertips and licking it off (this would serve as the week's theme). and there was also us in this photobooth and then there was a topless me in the booth (OH YES I DID) with nancy egging me on and acting as the lookout. the location of that particular strip is absolutely classified and quite possibly one of the most inspired gifts I've ever given to lo-verrrrrrrrrr boy.

oh, that week. I knew it was good, I knew it would be one for the books. in the middle of it all, I willed myself to remember how delicious it felt-- to be on top of the world like that. it was a time like no other and I have the photobooth strips to prove it. naturally.

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  1. oh i love the idea of photo=strip as documentation!

    so i went to the photobooth this week and it BROKE on me. boo hoo.... so hopefully soon i will participate again... xo

  2. You are a woman obsessed! A Topless photobooth shot! Braver than I. So glad you're having a great time. Even more glad you've had adult time to gabb and giggle. See yaz in the ATL.

  3. The way in which you describe, engage in and celebrate life is delicious -
    and contagious!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Yes world, Andrea does have quite a daring side! I stand as witness. Anyway, that certainly wasn't my most photogenic day but thank you for reminding me of that on top of the world feeling. And yes, our visit Thursday was priceless. I keep thinking of all the conversations we started but couldn't finish!

  5. ah yes, a girl friend get together feels sooo good!
    so fun that you have this to look back on :)
    my entry for this week has been put back into the "save this draft" file. it's a strange story for some day far away. so my link won't work - so sorry.
    hope to have a super entry for this upcoming week.

  6. i'm a tad jealous thinking about having a lunch with an old friend like that! enjoy your holiday!

  7. this is so good- you made me chuckle with the topless photobooth story, and the gifting of it to your man.

    must think about possibly doing a topless one in the future- someone might call the milky mama police on me though. :)