04 April 2006

must have

too much going on this week and I fear the writing may be the first thing to go. when all else fails, there are memes. at the end of time, I firmly believe there will be nothing left but the cockroaches and the memes. they're sturdy like that. (thanks for the tag, lulu-- I needed the diversion).

top 5 must-haves (for the moment):

in my fridge:
1. oranges and fuji apples
2. yo baby yogurt
3. whole wheat tortillas
4. water (distilled, spring, sparkling, what-have-you)
5. goat cheese

in my closet:
1. skirts, skirts, skirts (all about the skirts)
2. mossimo black tee-shirt that has now mutated into some alternate version of faded black and there are always strings hanging off the end but still, I love it (also: many bright-colored camisoles to go underneath)
3. favorite old denim jacket
4. vintage and handmade purses
5. shoes: wedges and adidas and flip flops

in my purse:
1. wallet (duh)
2. black pilot ink pens (and some form of paper)
3. always with the lip gloss
4. cell phone
5. emergency bag of tricks for the bebes: playdough, little rubber balls, silly putty, crayons, lollipops, weird little toys

in my car:
1. I still rock the cassette tapes (which also means I can plug in the adapter for the ipod)
2. 7,000 umbrellas
3. anti-bacterial handi wipes
4. bag of toys and books for the kidlets
5. stroller

on my TiVo (though I currently do not own a tivo but yes, here's what would be all up in that tivo piece should that ever be my reality):
1. the office
2. weekly cheese: america's next top model
3. lost
4. best week ever
5. dinner for five (on IFC)

tagging: all y'all.


  1. in the end, cockaroaches and memes - hahahahahhaa.

    We almost have interchangable top 5's.

  2. I will play because I love me a meme. Gives me something to blog about later. (=

  3. oh how i love learning little tidbits about you.....

  4. 7000 umbrellas huh? i have 10,000!!!

  5. love the memes and i am going to start the Top 5's up again. i loved the "cockaroaches and memes" comment. this is true. Cockaroaches, memes, and McDonald's I say!

  6. .....and I Must Have another round of tacos with Hula.

  7. I like it! I especially like the photo of the adidas!

  8. I could really join you for an America's Next Top Model marathon, cuz I'm sick like that. Need my weekly trash injection!

  9. Love the photos of the adidas. And those whole wheat tortillas are so versatile, I keep them on hand all the time.

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  11. The office: funniest show in a long time.