20 April 2006

thursday love

(ezra, today in the car)

I am in love with ezra's eyelashes. long, velvety and fringe-like, ava has them too. sorry to say, this is not a trait they inherited from me-- ward is the one with gorgeous lashes for days and days. thankfully, I'm not the jealous type.

(ava, miami beach, 2001)

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  1. oh my goodness. The intent stare of a baby on an object makes my heart swoon.

  2. Oh the love! Those eyelashes are to die for. I spend $20 every few months to get mine to look like that. (=

  3. Oh, melt my heart!
    My kids, for all the lenths and lushness, have
    blonde eyelashes, hardly nocieable under anyone's radar but my own.

  4. too freakin cute....

    and i think your thurs. love might be your macro lens feaeture?? :)

  5. the sweetness! I thought both were photos of your boy, but after a double take I realized, it's not so. They look alot alike, very cute!

    i am secretly missing counting baby chub rolls....

  6. Oh, those sweet kids of ours. I still am amazed by just how much they look like each other at the same age.

  7. You have such gorgeous babies (Ava's still a baby right, I mean she's totally a little girl, but your heart she'll always be your baby!)-

  8. britton inherited his dad's long lashes and even when he was growing in my belly i secretly hoped he would!

  9. Oh so beautiful. Great shots Mama!