10 April 2006


I have so many things going on right now that my head is flying in seventeen different directions. writing has been especially challenging for me-- not because I don't want to or because I can't find the words, but because there just HASN'T. BEEN. TIME. nothing pains me more than this. and it's such a cliche. oh yes it is and you know it and I know it but this is where I'm living right now, in this place of a thousand things going on all at once.

I did, however, find the time to go to the fleamarket and take photos of old bottles and other junk.


  1. those bottles are wonderful. great photo.

    does anybody really know what time it is??

  2. you are my soul mate... love that photo....

    i wish i had a time machine, or a method to beat time... alas... i don't.... sending good wishes...xo

  3. way cool. I hope you can get all your things done and maybe be relieved of some things soon!?

  4. You go to a GOOD fleamarket! Dang! I wish I could find stuff like that!

  5. Great photo as are all of your flea market photos. Someday I'm going to get to Atlanta and this flea market. Until then, i'll dream!

  6. Oh the photos are FANTASTIC! I loved them. I hope things slow down for you soon.

  7. you said it! time! yikes - i'm with you! loving that haul! especially the number 7 and that blue polka dot tumbler! didn't have time to sign in and make a comment on flickr as i would never get out of that vortex, but i'm sure you'll understand.

  8. I'm determined that our next trip to the ATL is going to be an IKEA/lakewood double header,if my lil heart can handle the sheer aesthetic pleasure.

    Great photos! I pink fuzzy heart old bottles.

    I wish there was some sort of elixir moms could save for the really drastic weeks that would stretch the space-time continuum and inject a few extra hours into the day!

  9. Your photos are a feast for the eyes.

  10. yes....time time time for NOTHING but having to do EVERYTHING!!!! (i miss my computer....)

  11. amazing photo andrea.
    I feel the same way, but way too often these days...
    oh, and blogging via dial-up connection, also teaches me a lot about time!!

  12. If I had a time machine, I would go with you guys to that flea market!
    Hang in there, baby, your breather will show up any minute.

  13. GORGEOUS photo.

    Where did all your talent come from? First, I noticed you could accessorize!
    Then I saw you dance!
    Then you start writing all these deep, poetic blog entries!
    Now, you're taking photos that look as if they could be on the cover of "American Photographer" or somethin'! (I'm not kidding)

    This shot may have surpassed the paper umbrella photo...I love the muted colors and tightly spaced arrangement. It almost resembles an ancient landscape...

  14. I love the light in this picture. Dreamy and radiant at the same time.

  15. Oh, BOY do I know what you mean (as you know! And hey! I'll be back ... just taking some time off ...)!

    I *love* all your photos. The flickr set as a whole is great! I love your pictures.

    PS, sorry I haven't gotten back to you about your reply to my msg on your umbrella picture (whew!). It's one of those emails I've saved that I want to take a few minutes to answer, and so I keep putting it off! Anyway, your great photos from this post made me think of it ... you are such a good photographer!

    I guess your great eye is what makes your photography so fine AND what makes you so good at flea-marketing (is that a verb? ha ha). I am always sure I'm missing treasures.

    I hope you find peace in juggling everything!

  16. Yes, I know that feeling well