14 April 2006

photobooth friday

I present to you my most treasured photobooth snapshot of all time: me with my mom (gussy) and my dad (jim) in the summer of 1972. no one is really sure where we were (I certainly don't remember) though st. louis seems to be the likeliest place. six flags amusement park, maybe (more about those trips here). I can't tell you how much time I've spent staring at this one (and there's another just like it here, though not quite as cute). I am in love with the looks on the faces of my parents, the way it has been torn (nobody knows what happened to the other two pics), the way my bangs have been cut. ah, my brief stint as an only child. and when I think back to how lost I felt as a new mother, how lost both ward and I were when ava first came along, I can't help but marvel over the love and assurance in the eyes and smiles of my mom and dad.

those first years weren't flawless, though: a couple of months after this photo was taken, my parents lost me for about twenty minutes. which sounds like absolutely nothing unless you have children. or have ever taken care of children. twenty minutes in a situtation like that is like 53 years. and the story that my parents love to tell (over and over) goes like this: it was halloween night and they were getting ready to go to a costume party. my dad went to get the babysitter while my mom finished dressing and when he returned, there was this terrifying exchange (undoubtedly every parent's worst nightmare):

"where's andrea?"

"wait, didn't you take her with you when you went to pick up the babysitter?"


"you're joking, right?"
(my dad is known for the joking)

"no gus, I'm NOT kidding. I don't have her... I thought YOU had her!"

and I'm sure there was an abrupt silence (the silence to end all silences) and you know there were colorless faces and great tidal waves of panic. because I lost ava for like, thirty seconds once and that instantaneously shaved a good eight years off my life, FOR REALS. and from what I've been told, they tore out of the house and took to to the small town streets to search for me. what my mom remembers most is how silent it was-- as if everything and everyone had stopped. they yelled and yelled and yelled for me but I was nowhere, there was no one, no sound, nothing. they decided to scope out downtown (a very, very small downtown-- think a couple of shops, a post office, a dairy queen, a court house) and there I was. the woman that was holding me in her arms said she watched me walk (with so much purpose) down the street and then immediately picked me up when she saw I was getting ready to cross the main drag alone. this is the story my parents love to tell when they are talking about my strong will and sense of independence, my endless amounts of energy and fearless explorations. it's something I will never live down even though I have no recollection of the event.

my parents are in town this weekend and so I decided to spread out all the old family photobooth snapshots on the dining room table. people, I have been blessed with the motherload of great family photobooth snaps. I couldn't scribble down the details fast enough as they talked about each one. so much I had not yet heard, so many delicious little details-- better even than the marshmallow peeps and chocolate bunnies I will be nibbling on throughout the weekend.

speaking of which, happy easter to all my peeps.

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  1. Great pic and story. It makes me wish that photobooths were cheaper in the UK. £2.50 for 4 identical frames is unfortunately a bit of a deterrent to photo booth fun.

  2. You are so baby precious, I can't take it. Do you have the same hair cut now?

    And your mom? My lord, drop-dead gorgeous.

  3. Your mother.....GORGEOUS.

  4. Oh, Andrea, what a heartbreakingly beautiful story.
    This would be my favorite picture also - the torn edges add to it's charm. Just perfect.
    And gorgeous mother begets gorgeous daughter begets gorgeous daughter I say. You look just like her and then there is Ava.
    Happy egg day with your dear peeps.
    P.S. Your Dad is cute too! :)

  5. i love the edges, the story, that bright-eyed-baby look, and the mention of briefly being an only child...
    wonderful in every way

  6. how cute were you? and how alike you and your mom and ava look.... fab story! as a kid i remember once losing my parents... heh heh....

  7. the picture makes you
    want to linger on it...

    you were a cutie for a baby
    who could resist a woman
    with such an
    adorable name as
    gussy...i love that!

  8. You are so pretty, it's just evident at such a young age and your parents.....beautifully HOT!! I love your favorite photobooth pic, it's so special.

  9. Love the pic and great story!

  10. So precious! It is now obvious where you and your offspring get your good looks. ;-)

  11. I always joke that it's a good thing that Ava and Ezra get their looks from their mother.

    I've always loved this photobooth pic -- the wide-eyed fascination of your cute, round face, the way your parents look so new to parenting, the crisp, clear black & white of the photo -- wonderful.

    And I never get tired of hearing that lost story. It doesn't surprise me one bit to hear of you going out on your own to explore at such an early age. Very cute and very funny.

  12. one of my very favorite photobooth shots too. and you are all just as beautiful today as you were then. loved the "shaving off of years" because i know that feeling all to well, and when i hear the story of you disappearing i can just feel the panic inside me rise! another beautiful photo!

  13. what a lovely shot. my first impression is how much i can see ava in your mom's face :)

  14. Your mom is just gorgeous (like you) and that story is priceless. My worst nightmare, totally!

  15. I have thanked the Lord many times for His answered prayer that evening! I can still feel the panic from that night and it has been how many years now? I cannot tell you in words how blessed I have been to have you! You are starting to realize how important your children are to you and how one has the most important and greatest job in the world! Thank you, Lord, for this daughter! Isn't mom beautiful there? Still looks the same! I am a blessed man....got to marry my high school sweetheart, be the father of a beautiful daughter, and the pawpaw of three beautiful grand-daughters. I certainly did not and do not deserve such blessings.

  16. I think I have shaved a few months off my life just reading that story -- oh man, how scary. A two year old was killed last year near our house -- wandered out at night, hit by a car. You are all so lucky.

    And the photo - stunning. I've been meaning to get into a photo booth with Bea and just haven't made it happen yet!

  17. Ok, I think this is my favorite photobooth shot yet. I loved seeing your parents and you look so much like your beautiful mother. What a treat and thank you for sharing this little treasure of yours.

    The story, all mothers can relate to. So scary but with a happy ending.

    Really enjoyed this read and the photograph. You are so lovely Andrea, inside and out.

  18. how beautiful you all are! could be a commercial for something! your mother is stunning - and you so darling! thanks for the stories, as always!

  19. that picture is just mesmerizing--and your mom is just gorgeous.

    it's my first vist to hula, but i will be stalking many times more. love the story, love the writing.

  20. ew wow i love it :)
    You made me want to dig up one i saw of my parents when i was little. they were kissing! Gosh i hope i can find it! Your mom was beautiful then and still is... having had the pleasure of meeting her :)

  21. Long time no see/chat/email/blog! I'm missing you girl. This is a great picture. Your mom is beautiful and you look just like her - its amazing!

  22. darn. you're so cute and your mom was just drop-dead gorgeous.

  23. your mum is beautiful. and their expressions mirror a few wide eyed, love looks I've seen in some PBF shots with you and Ward.

    my good friend lost their youngest as she managed to sneak away while the Dad played video games - when I heard the story - well after the little one was safe and sound - I thought, "we're just babies" (to the tune of the digable planets) and thank goodness what is lost gets found - for the most part.