31 March 2006

photobooth friday

taken the day before my 34th birthday at city museum in st. louis, december 10th, 2004. I am wearing the hat that ava and I painted together at the museum. actually, we painted two hats together-- one for her and one for me. she sprinkled pink glitter all over the hats because that's what little girls do sometimes. and the glitter found its way to the sweaty parts of my face and neck and then yes, days and days later, I continued to find it everywhere. behind my ears, in my hair, on my jean jacket, in my shoes-- everywhere. a slightly annoying (though ultimately charming) reminder of a marvelous day. and I also remember that the paint on the hat was still wet when I stepped inside the photobooth. of course, there are pictures of the two of us together (wearing said hats) but I'm saving that little gem for another friday.

that was a good day for me, that last day of my 33rd year. it was the best birthday EVER (or at the very least-- in the running for the title of Best Birthday Ever). guess that's why I chose it to be my hula seventy icon, my flickr icon this past year-- it always makes me happy when I see it (although I had absolutely NO IDEA just how much I'd be looking at it). might be time to retire it.

take a little lookie at my fellow brothers and sisters of the photobooth revolution:

the whole self
and more of the whole self
factory a-go-go
nessie noodle

and thanks to the cool cats at photobooth.net for the splendid little write-up on photobooth friday (check it here). pleased as punch, yes I am.


  1. how fun! i love that pic. i always wondered what the story behind it was

  2. what a great write up at photobooth.net!

    i'm back in witha new strip

    looks like that was fab birthday you had there! i like that hat's story, sounds like it was a sweet treat for you and your gal

  3. So cute. And dude, the glitter factor? Endless. I kinda love it though. It's like finding magic at the most unsuspecting times.

  4. yes it's cool to see this one up close and to hear the story behind it. i love the attitude - kind of fun, kind of sassy, truly shows your spirit! even before i really knew you, this icon lured me in to the hula vortex!

  5. Looks like you're stuck with this lovely bit of photobooth fun, sweetie. I love it, too. Makes me wanna give ya a big ol' SMOOCH!


  6. sassafrass! i knew you were a saggitarius like me, all of my favorite peeps are:) my sister, best friend... i don't know much about signs but know that the sag's i know are free spirited, artists and travelers:)

  7. I love this picture and now we know the story behind it. I love that you and Ava have matching hats and pics to share ~ can't wait!!
    Personally I find glitter anything hard to resist.

  8. friday isn't over yet and I got my scanner to work! yippeeee...
    my second PBF.

    and how cool is that write up????

  9. Friday has now officially become my favorite day of the week! I'm so happy photobooth.net gave you a very well deserved shout out.

    You've really created a little phenomenom. Not only have I laughed over new and old photos of myself, and been charmed by everyone's weekly post, but I've found things out about my parents and grandparents, all just by asking if they have any PB strips hiding in a drawer! Thank you!!!

  10. I love that shot! That was the day I began to get how obsessed you are with photobooths. You just kept going back! Photos, play around City Museum, more photos, more painting etcetera around the Museum, then remembering one combination of photos not snapped yet so back to the photobooth, then more Museum, then scraping up all the dollar bills we could find to go back to the photobooth one last time before leaving, but first spreading the strips out all over the tables of Beatle Bob's Cafe to take a moment to admire the bounty of the timeless black and white strips. Thank you for your photo booth evangelism. The world needs more appreciation for these such simple pleasures.

  11. you are so glamtabulous!!!!

  12. you are just too cute, and so sassy!

  13. i love it! i cant believe i havent seen these up on your fridge before--i must see the ones of you and ava. i have found a strip of nate and ava from texas and i wonder if you have it too?

    im off to read the article from photobooth.net! congrats!

  14. love this pic and the story behind it!