10 March 2006

photobooth friday

taken on my 32nd birthday at the infamous star bar. me and my beautiful friend amy, loopy and drenched in sweat. we took a break around 3am to jump in the booth for a strip (the ultimate birthday souvenir, I believe). we often found ourselves there on tuesday nights. we could not resist the obscure selection of seventies funk, the chance to work things out with the small eclectic crowd that gathered each week. the indefatigable DJ romeo cologne (and his kooky wigslashtoupee) knew when to break up the funk with a block of vintage michael jackson. and the people said yes. the people went crazy.

I don't go like I used to but I wish that I did. those tuesday nights were the best thing for me. better than therapy, better than anything. always wore my favorite (but most excellently abused) shelltoes and a tee-shirt I knew I could stink up. shoved deep into my pockets were three things: my drivers license, a tube of lip gloss and ten bucks. had to be able to move unfettered (yes, free of all fetters), absolutely had to. and my girl amy was prepared to go until dawn (the breakabreaka dawn), if need be.

I met amy back in 2001 when I returned to work for moving in the spirit. I'd taken the year off after ava was born and couldn't wait to dig in and start teaching and dancing with the company again. amy was working for them as well as dancing for the company and I loved her the moment we met. it was instant, natural, a connection I'd not felt in years. my transition back into a life that once had come so easily can only be described as rough and I spent a good deal of time feeling raw and out of sorts, ready to give up. amy sort of saved me from that. she did what great friends do. she listened. and listened and listened. she made classes and rehearsals joyous things. she put my brand-new-mama mind at ease by volunteering to watch ava while I taught the modern technique class for the apprentice corporation. she was good at reminding me to take care of myself. and most integral to my healing process: our occasional tuesday night trips to star bar.

amy is still around, doing amazing things with the mentoring program over at moving in the spirit. we still hang out when we can. she leaves words for me here every once in a while, which I love. we have ongoing plans to get back to star bar and I know it'll happen. as tricky as it is to schedule these days, I still feel the pull. I know we'll make our way back. though I'm prepared to face a different crowd now. the last time we were there, tall, prissy girls took up all the space on the dance floor, smacked me right and left with fancy banana-shaped purses. completely oblivious. I have no patience for these girls, these girls who are afraid to sweat, afraid to get their shoes dirty. I want to tell them to please get off the dance floor. I maybe want to yank them by their hair but I don't, I won't. anyway, the music is still good, the urge is still there, tuesday nights still call. amy, I know you hear it too. much love to you, my friend.

also rocking the photobooth friday:

mad organica
meegan blue
sewn with gold threads
factory a-go-go
cult of degan

aaaaand-- much to my delight, I recently discovered a star bar photobooth set on flickr. definitely worth a lookie-loo, even if you've never been. especially if you've never been. something else you should absolutely positively not miss: this photobooth prank (thank you, slimwhitman). not a big fan of leno or anything, but people-- please watch. it's funny. who doesn't like funny?


  1. Oh girl, what a joy to remember. We will go again. Yes, we will go. and go. and stay. and dance. and sweat. and sweat. and break it down. and be hit by purses. and wants to 'accidentally' step on some pointy-toed stilletos in our old and grungy sneaks. We will dance my friend! thank you for this post :) it made my day. much love.

  2. lovely lovely story... lucky girls you are to have found one another [and i don't mean silly bannana purse carrying girls!].... the photos prove your bond!

    and may i just say thank you for using the word fettered... i now want to insert that into my vocabulary more!!

  3. This is so great! LOVE it! The pictures are so fun, you can see that you've got a true friendship there!

  4. what a fabulous friendship. i love those friends you can let loose with, the ones you're not afraid to sweat with.

  5. well i probably would've been one of those girls you would've bumped into, not out of prissiness, but out of dance awkwardness (on my part). fun place it sounds like though - glad you have a friend like that.

  6. oh those girlfriend stories are the Best! what a great share :)

  7. I made it this week.

    and you must have been mistaken - that must have been no. 23 - not the other way around.

  8. so great! i love color photobooths almost as much as b and w. the photos are so alive! and i love your description of the bar~i feel like ive been there before. hurray for amy too!

  9. just wanted to say thanks for the great link, looks like we'll be headed to boston asap :)

    i think the NH ones are in arcades that are only open in summer :(

    thanks again for the info

  10. oh i want to go dancing now!!! and i want to find a photobooth!

  11. thanks, everyone... thanks for letting me share amy with you. because she is amazing.

    amy, so glad you enjoyed this, my friend. can't wait to go back with you.

    lisa, feel free to use the word fetter(ed) ad nauseum. such a good word, isn't it?

    jan, I know you wouldn't have been one of those girls. and in terms of dance, I applaud awkwardness because at least you're out there trying to do your thing. :)

    amstar, you made my stinking week. no, wait-- make that MONTH.

  12. Thought of you this week, SXSW here in Austin and at the Jane Magazine party they had a free photo booth that my friends and I stepped into. I need to post them on my blog some Friday.