28 December 2018


scott boulevard

I don't remember when I first made the 70 things list. when I turned 40? 41? I don't remember. what I do remember is that I could not bring myself to think of 50, could not even write it, so I settled on 49. 70 things before I turn 49. seemed light years away, 49. now, it's less than a year. 

35 things left to do in 348 days (or, everything that's left on the list and some of these are impossible but here they are anyway and maybe I'll knock out a few before 49):

stand in a field of daffodil gold
develop the box full of film
walk across seventy bridges
fly down seventy slides
label the backs of the polaroids
label the backs of the photobooth strips
wear the fellini dress
attend a photobooth convention
learn to rewire a lamp
bake a lemon meringue pie
shop the world's longest yard sale
write about the charm bracelets
write about my mom
take the kids to chicago
take the kids to new york
archive the old family photographs
fill a book with collages
take one hundred dance classes
make one hundred paper flowers
visit the korean sauna
shoot polaroids in italy
roller skate with friends
transform the garage
plant a little garden
color hunt in cuba
write with friends in oregon
explore new mexico (with ezra)
embroider favorite bridges
revisit the underwater camera
complete the series
finish the book of polaroid portraits
make a little paper zine
get a little permanent ink
visit a rooftop carnival
spend the night in a pink room