19 December 2018



items considered for purchase tonight at the buford highway farmers market:

a bagful of rambutans
a bagful of tangerines
matcha green tea kit kats
chocolate banana cream pocky
an abnormally large bag of masa harina
an abnormally large jar of nutella
japanese soda in pretty bottles
japanese soda you have to manually add fizz to
properly aged parmesan
a case of topo chico


  1. I'm really enjoying this new project of yours. It's fun to come here every day and see what you post. <3

    You're inspiring me to take up a new project... or maybe just write on my blog again... we'll see.

    1. thank you, friend! who knows how long I'll be able to keep this up? it's been fun (and challenging) so far-- would love to see you on your blog again! (keep me posted) xx