10 December 2018


easy if you try

things I did on the last day of 47:

went to a thousand grocery stores
actually, two
bought cake flour, red food coloring, buttermilk 
wondered how many years I have been baking this cake
looked at my eyes in the mirror
googled eye cream
looked at my neck in the mirror
googled neck cream
did a thousand loads of laundry
literally a thousand
actually, seven
actually think seven might as well be a thousand
wondered how my laundromat is still in business
counted the number of machines marked out of order
counted eight
stepped over a washing machine turned on its side, guts and wires spilled out
wondered if they've just given up
listened to a couple argue in russian
listened to the sound of my friend's voice
wondered what I would have done without her this year
cut onions and garlic nice and fine
taught ezra how to saute 
contemplated vacuuming
decided against it
looked at the haircut I gave myself
I mean really looked at it
apologized to my hair
put fresh sheets on the bed
felt victorious
surveyed the mountain of towels and clothes yet to be folded
felt defeated
took a hot shower with the lights off
thanked my body for another year
thanked my skin, my muscles and bones
apologized for the many ways in which I have mistreated them
promised to do better this year 
meant it
chose the polaroid of the lovely laundromat above
chose it knowing full well it looks nothing like my sad laundromat
posted it anyway
wondered what tomorrow's list will look like
wondered what 48 what will look like


  1. Loving these lists (actually loving all your little projects - was so sad when 15 seconds of summer ended!) and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

    1. thank you, friend! thrilled (and honored) that you enjoy them! considering doing fifteen seconds of winter-- it would be so vastly different than fifteen seconds of summer, I think. and thank you for the birthday wishes! xo

  2. I just wanted to let you know how much I love your 365 series. It is so so hard to put words out into the world — let alone every day — and I wanted you to know that it is appreciated. :)

    1. thank you for taking the time to share that with me-- means a lot. I have no idea how long I'll actually be able to keep this up but I think the attempt itself will be interesting. your kind words (and encouragement) are much appreciated! xo

  3. These list are a highlight of my days! I’m so glad your posting them . Happy birthday!

    1. oh! thank you! thank you so much for sharing that with me-- I have neglected this little blog for so long, I never expected that anyone would still even be reading! xo